Tis the Season

Jamie and I got all of our presents wrapped up and ready to go! I love the suspense of Christmas.

Jamie has learned a way of keeping me away from his presents to me. He said that one is very very fragile and if I shake it then it will break. He wouldn't tell me which one is the fragile one so I can't touch any of them!! That's why I love him, there aren't too many guys out there that can trick me at my own game of wits.

My mom and I had gone out and finished up the last of our shopping, it was a good time. I can't handle when it gets to crazy and packed in the stores. I like to do my shopping in August, I know I'm kind of on my own on this one but man it's great. No one else is ever shopping then, this is the key for a few reasons: 1. stores have huge sales to try and get people in 2. the shelves are stocked and super clean 3. no crowds or lines to contend with. It really is the best.

I must admit that I do always have at least one shopping trip a week or two before Christmas. It's nice to get a small flavor of the holiday shopping frenzy and there is always one more gift that you need to get.

I love seeing the stacks of gifts with the pretty wrapping and bows on it. Everything takes on a happier light when it's illuminated by Christmas tree lights I think.

Today is my last day of work for 2006, only an hour to go!! I can't wait to get out of here. Have a great Holiday and I'll see you in 2007!


Another Good One!

Another good weekend to report. Friday night we watched Jamie's Netflix movie, "Crimes and Misdemeanors" it's a Woody Allen flick about a guy who kills his mistress. Jamie enjoyed it, I thought it was ok but I enjoyed hanging out with him all the same. Saturday we drove up to the North Shore because I was having a Partylite show at my friend's Alicia's house. It was a great time, lots of food and fun people. Afterwards I joined Jamie back at his parent's house and we had dinner with them. It was a good trip, it was nice to finally see Alicia again. She's all engaged and planning her big day!

Sunday morning Jamie went golfing with Greg. *gasp* :o) I stayed home and later in the day joined my mom and her 2 close girl friends and we all went to see the mansions decorated up for the holidays. First we went to The Elms, it was nice and they had a headset that you walk around with and it tells you all sorts of stuff about the place. I loved the linen closets! We then went to the famous Breakers and toured there as well. It was super beautiful! They had done amazing things for decorating for the holidays. There was a giant, probably 2 story "tree" of real pointsettes! It was awesome. They had each room decorated nicely and the mansion itself was so impressive. I can't wait to go back there some time and see it all again.

Us for girls went out for dinner down on Thames Street in Newport at the Brick Alley Pub. It was terrific as it always is. It was a really fun time hanging out with them and talking and laughing. It was nice to see them all again and spend time with my mom.

That night Jamie and I watched my Netflix movie, "8 Below". It was really good and I'm not just saying that because it was a Disney movie! I'd recommend it to almost anyone. It made me cry a little. On an expedition to Antartica they had to evacuate and leave the beloved dogs behind for the winter. It was a very touching movie that's based on a true story.

Over all it was a great weekend, any weekend spend with Jamie and my mom constitutes as a good one to me!


It's definitely December now!

It was a pretty quiet week down here for us, though my work has been crazy busy. Yesterday was Jean's Birthday, so a big shout out to her!

Happy Birthday Jean !!

I hope that it was a good one :o)

Yesterday Greg came over for dinner and Jamie made up Jean's famous Stuffed Peppers for dinner. It was a huge hit, there was nothing left of it afterwards!

This weekend I'm heading up to Haverhill, Ma to host a Partylite show at my good friend Alicia's house. It should be a good time, it's been way too long since I've seen her last.

The days are so short now, when I go to work the sun hasn't risen yet and when I leave work it's pitch black outside already. Makes it feel so late once I get home, but after Dec. 22 they should start to get longer and that's not to far away. The cold has really set in now though, it was so great having all those warm days to enjoy so late in the season.

Last weekend Jamie, Greg, and I went to The Whale, which is a local golf course that Jamie and Greg like to play at. They played and I just went for the walk. I tried to fore caddy but turns out I walk way way too slow for such a job. Some of the holes felt like wind tunnels because you were so exposed but others we tucked in and the sun kept you warm. I took pictures of the two of them and of the course, it was a really fun time. Walking the 18 holes kicked my butt completely, I slept on the ride home. Thankfully Jamie was driving at the time. It was great to be out in the sun enjoying the nice weather and playing golf in December!

Always enjoy the good time, it helps get you through the cold winter. Have a good weekend!