No baby yet but at my doctor's visit yesterday she said that I'm 85% effaced and 1 cm and she is thinking that he might come this weekend!! We'll see though. If he doesn't I'll have an ultrasound and baby stress test next week at the hospital to make sure things are still going ok.


Happy Due Date to Me!

So today is my big due date and no baby yet. World Series Game 1 is tonight at 8 pm, Go Red Sox! Maybe it will happen during the seventh inning stretch :o) Still no signs of our little guy coming any time soon though but you never know. Tomorrow is my doctor's appointment so hopefully she'll have some news for us.


39 weeks and 5 days

Still no baby yet.

The Red Sox game last night was great to watch, I stayed up till the end to see it. It was hard to stay up that late, I think I passed out 2 minutes after it ended. It was a such an amazing game to watch, I'm so glad they came back from 3-1 to win the series. Next in line is Colorado and they are coming here to Boston which is great. I'm glad that Colorado made it, I think Matt Holliday is a dream boat and happy as could be that he'll be hanging out in Bean Town. So get ready and fyi, Game 1 is Oct. 24th, our due date! I'm still behind the Red Sox all the way every day but Holliday's behind I could look at all day.

Statistically though, they say that only 3% of babies are born on their due date. 3% ?!! Why do they even bother to guess if they only get it right 3% of the time? I almost feel like I have a better chance with those odds of NOT having him on our due date. We'll see, I like being punctual so maybe he does too. ;)


October 21 - 39 weeks and 4 days but who's counting?

Still no baby yet. This is now how I answer the phone, or when I call anyone this is my opening line. Thursday we went for our weekly check up and things are all still looking good. My official due date is Oct. 24th, Wednesday of this week! Right around the corner.

I started my maternity leave last week, Oct. 12th was my last day of work for the year!! How strange to think of it that way. I'm glad I decided to stop when I did, I was really starting to feel sore and tired all the time. This week it's been even tougher but so much easier to deal with at home then at work trying to just make it through the day. I've been doing a lot of reading and resting. I watched some movies and got the house all cleaned up and ready to go. It's nice to be able to get these last few things finished up at my own pace and be able to stop and relax when I need it.

Not much else to report here except feeling big, sore and tired :o) and very very excited!


36 Weeks Picture

This is me at the Annual Harvest Festival on Sept. 29th at 36 weeks! We had a fun time walking all around, seeing the crafts and kids activites. What a big belly!!


Birthday Bash

Jamie's birthday weekend was a lot of fun! I got Jamie a Kevin Garnett Celtics jersey. I bought it awhile ago and had the hardest time waiting for his birthday to get here to give it to him, I had been tempted a few times to make it an early present but I'm glad that I was able to hold out. He loved it and it fits him great. Under all the tissue paper in the gift bag I hid the two Celtics vs. The Lakers tickets that I had gotten him as well. When he saw them he was amazed! It was like making a 3 point shot from mid court to win the game with this birthday gift!!

On Saturday Jeanne and John came down for Jamie's birthday as well. It was great to see them again and show Jeanne the baby's room all finished up. Everything is ready to go in there, now we are just waiting for the baby! John and Jamie installed a new mixing valve on the furnace so the hot water isn't scalding anymore. I was so thankful to get this done before the baby came. They also cut down a tree out back that overhung the pool. Its great getting it down before all of the leaves fell down and filled the pool.

We went out for lunch at The Mooring and it was spectacular! The Mooring is located at Sayer's Wharf in Newport right on the water. We sat out on the back deck overlooking the water and the docked boats. It was a great location and the weather was perfect, warm with a nice breeze of the water. The food was amazing and unique. We started out with scallop chowder, clam chowder and seafood fritters all of which was absolutely terrific. For lunch we got the lobster croissant and it was packed with tasty lobster meat. It was a great time and we were all happily stuffed by the end of it. It was nice to be able to relax, talk and hang out with Jeanne and John for the afternoon. Thanks for coming down, I know that Jamie had a great birthday weekend!


Apple Picking and Birthday Time!!

We had a nice weekend and got to do most everything I was hoping for. Saturday morning we walked up to Foodworks for breakfast. We hadn't been there before and it was good and it felt great to get out for a walk and enjoy the wonderful weather that we had. Jamie and I went to the Harvest Festival in Middletown later. There were a lot of people at the festival and plenty of games and crafts to check out. After the festival we went to my favorite farm, Sweet Berry, and did some apple picking! It was strange having the weather be so nice during apple picking, usually your fingers are frozen by the end of it.

After all that walking on Saturday I completely passed out for the evening. It was worth it though because it was such a great day, I enjoyed being able to spend some quality time as just Jamie and me. The whole weekend went great, we got lots done that we were hoping to but also took it easy and relaxed.

Today is Oct. 5th and is Jamie's birthday!!! Happy Birthday babe :o) Jamie's parents and Erin are coming down tomorrow to celebrate with us which is great. I'm trying to talk him into a lobster dinner on Sunday for his birthday ;) I'm not sure if he's going for that yet though. We'll have to see but I'm really hoping.