Lucy's Hearth

Lucy's Hearth is a local woman's shelter that takes in homeless mom's and their kids. www.lucyshearth.org I got in contact with one of the ladies in charge at Lucy's Hearth here on Aquidneck Island about what sort of donations that they could use.

Here are some of the things that she said they could really use right away:

baby clothes sizes newborn - 2 years
diapers - any size
baby wipes
teenage girl clothes
woman's clothes - any size & could really use larger & plus sizes right now for some of the moms there
maternity clothes - any size as well

This is the time of year when everyone is cleaning out their closets so anyone who has clothes to donate let me know and I'll put it all together with my box of stuff for them. So anything that you could give would be appreciated and used immediately.


Kansas City Trip

We had a great time in KC! The boys loved meeting Ajax and having him sit on their lap to play with him. We went out to get classic KC BBQ which was delicious and we all went swimming at the pool at our hotel. I'll put up some pictures of all our adventures in a little bit but I wanted to get this video up first. It is so adorable and always makes me smile. It was so great visiting Justin and Bridget at their house. Thanks so much for having us!


It's not easy being Green

A buddy of mine is clicking around on the websites I had put up and was doing the opt out of junk mail that was on one of the links. He goes to fill it out and there is a word verification part that makes sure you are not a computer and this is what his was:

fuca Yw

What the heck is up with that!!

Well fuca Yw too buddy >:P

He didn't end up filling out the form, fuca that. Made me chuckle and I wanted to pass it on.


Green on a Wednesday

Just plain funny: 100 Ways to try and go Green

Found a new site I like Ideal Bite

Ahh, the constant struggle of being green and worrying that being green is somehow turning things brown instead. We can all use a little common sense and take some small steps to move in the right direction.


The Green Life

I've been really interested in Green living and have wanted to learn as much about it as I can. Overall there seems to be a shift in society towards being more eco-friendly and hopefully it will become easier and more affordable to do what's right for the Earth. I've found some interesting websites and I'm going to start having links and ideas that we all can do to implement some of these ideas.

William Clinton Foundation
Energy Star Green Building
Energy Builder
Green at Home

It seems like a great thing to help the environment and you end up saving money so I want to learn as much as I can about it all. It feels like there is general info all over the place but I'm going to try and pull it all together and make it simple. Some of the things I read seem to not really make sense, others seem way too extreme and some of it just seems like its not really going to help. If anyone has any ideas I'd love to hear them!