Back to the Doctors

So far I haven't really been liking 2009. We are going back to the doctors again today for Ajax and his ear infection. I believe we are now at $100 just in co-pays and I have chosen to not even keep track of the money for all the medicines.

Last night I spent over an hour cleaning up the floor because Ajax threw fish and pasta everywhere, I guess he was done. I found fish in the heater, which isn't where it usually goes.

With him not feeling good he wants me to pick him up, then put him down, then pick him back up again then back on the ground. Over and over. I've taken to just sitting on the floor recently.

I'm hoping its just January that is tough and that February will be better. I believe in karma so this has to bounce back eventually. Not sure how much more I can take!



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Well, Ajax finally got his first bad illness, a double ear infection, and he went on antibiotics on Monday. He was all out of sorts on Sunday and had a low fever, but by the time he woke up Monday morning, his fever was up around 103 and we went in to the doctors to get the bad news. Nana came out to help take care of him and he rested most of the day, but he was still pretty unhappy. That night he woke up around 2 with a bad choking cough, so I went in, changed his diaper and gave him a few ounces of milk. Second later a shower of vomit covered us. I got Sondra to help clean him up, I jumped in the shower to wash the puke off my nuts, and then he puked all over Sondra. Although she cannot relate to having vomit on her scrotum, she was nonetheless not excited about the predicament.

I just wanted to catalogue this in the blog so that Ajax understands that he owes us big and that he better not give us any shit