Last post of 2008

So today is my last day of work for 2008 and so basically last chance I'll be posting. 2008 has come to a close. Its been a good year though it certainly had its sad moments. To sum it up in one word I'd pick, Family.

This year Ajax has changed so much and has made us a Family. It seems we've been on the go and running around for most of the year, it certainly felt like it moved by fast! This next week and a half Jamie and I will be both home and able to take it slow and really enjoy each other as well as make memories for our own new little family.

A few nights ago, we took out our wedding album and the photo album I made of Ajax' first few months. It was such a nice thing to shut off the tv and just meander down memory lane together talking about the good times we've had. For 2008 I have undertaken a big project of creating a photo book for the entire year. It's turning out to be a lot of pages and I wasn't sure if it was even worth it until we had looked through the pictures together. I still love hearing my parents talk about us growing up and recanting the funny stories. It might be a great new tradition to sit down as a family and look through the years and tell the stories over and over.

We'll be traveling all around seeing extended family and friends, it should be a great time! Can't wait to see everyone and catch up, Merry Christmas !!!


Not too much

December is just going by pretty darn fast! Here are some video's of Ajax that Jamie took:



Enjoy and have a good Holiday!


Last night was the premier of Fox's Secret Millionaire TV show. It's going to be on Wed. at 8pm. I ended up watching the entire 2 episodes that they ran and I love this show. The idea behind it is that they take millionaires and have them live in a very poor area and pretend that they are down and out. They have to live a week on a welfare check, about 100 dollars.

They meet some incredible people along the way and learn a lot about others and how tight money can be. Did anyone else out there catch this one? What did you think?


November's Come and Gone

Thanksgiving was a very fun time, hope everyone else had a good one too! Here are some pictures of the day at our house. Jamie took them all, I never even got my camera out even though I had meant to.
My family can never keep their eyes open for a picture :o)

Barbara, Amanda and Ajax

Thumbs up on the turkey!! Me and Dad

It was great seeing everyone and so glad we could all get together. We had Thanksgiving Trivia with prizes for correct answers and also played Apples to Apples which got lots of laughs.

Other pictures of stuff that's been going on are here: http://ianhockeywineandmore.shutterfly.com/

Jamie and I went to the UML Hockey game and had a fun time hanging out with Dan and his girlfriend. He is an even more die hard hockey fan then I am! Impressive I know.

I went with my good friend Robin and a dozen other ladies on a wine tasting tour. It was such a great time! It is called the Coastal Wine Trail and we went through Newport Vineyards, Greenvale Vineyards and Sakonnet Vineyards. They had rented a van that took us to each vineyard, it worked out great and we had lots of snacks in the van while we were driving. The pictures are from the last stop at Sakonnet Vineyards which was my favorite. It will be fun to visit again when the vines are ripe with grapes so if anyone wants to give it a try let me know!

November was a very fun month but sure did go by quickly.


Macy's Excursion

We had a laptop meltdown at the house so no new pictures to post. Hopefully we'll get it up and going again.

This weekend I reviewed the Christmas list and inventoried what I already purchased for gifts. I went out to Macy's to pick up a gift and brought Ajax with me. It was overcast most the day but we made it fine. I dressed him up in overalls, my favorite on him :) We park pretty close for such a busy mall day and dash inside. No stroller, I'm just winging it.

Inside I find what I am looking for need to compare a few things so I put Ajax down next to me. This is the first time in a store my baby has stood by himself with me I realize. Pretty cool and cute as a button.

He stood by my side for exactly 1/10 th of a second... then he was out to explore. I actually think I saw him run! I am chasing/following him all around the department, wondering how he can walk faster in a store then at home. Maybe there is just more motivation.


4,195 Americans

Right now we are all thinking about the economy and how tight our money is. Christmas is coming and Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away! We worry about where our house value is heading and the Fall Season line up on TV. What's for dinner and the latest celebrity to have a baby/ get divorced/ or gain weight.

Today's top headlines on most news sites and stations are covering:

jobless claims surge
the bailout
Sarah Palin
Aniston's jab at Jolie
CMA highlights

I just want to point out that Veterans Day was 2 days ago. We remembered for a day and now we've moved on it seems. At least 30,774 U.S. troops have been wounded in action, according to the Pentagon. Please take a moment to read about the 4,195 Americans who have lost their lives for our country. As I read through, I found people from our own area, people with the last name Martin, and it just really touched me and I wanted to pass it on.

Most of these people are 19 and 20 years old! They chose to fight for our country and they have paid the ultimate sacrifice, they will never see 21, they will never see their kids, they will never grow old, they will never see grandkids.

Lets take some time and really be Thankful this Thanksgiving for all that we have and also never forget these soldiers.


Ajax is 1 !!!

We had a small party for Ajax on his birthday 10/28 it was a great time. I made him a birthday cake and he seemed to really love it. Here are some pictures from the day.

Hockey Mama For Obama

Aren't I crafty?! I made this myself :o)


Providence College vs. UMass Lowell Hockey home opener !


Scott & Me

Me & Dan

Friday Oct. 24th was the home opener for UML's hockey team and I was there sporting my jersey and Rowdy Rag. Rowdy the Riverhawk has gotten a make over and is looking much tougher now, I guess its part of the intimidation factor. The team is looking absolutely awesome and I can't wait to check out more games. They won 4-1 ! It was a great time and fun to catch up with other UML Mech engineering alum that night. Next game is Nov. 7th be there or be square!



So umm funny story. Lets start off with a statistic - The chance of accidentally hitting Reply All to an email in your life is 19%

Email conversation concentrated down,
Me: Do you have any pictures of the wedding you went to this weekend.
Buddy: Not yet but they'll probably be some on Facebook soon.
Me: What are you 19, why the heck do you have Facebook?
Buddy: Yea I know, but all my friends have one so what are you going to do.
Me: Fine I'll sign up, but I don't want anyone to know.

Later that day,
Thought: I can't believe I'm signing up for Facebook, what have I become?
Thought: Invite friends I know?? I guess I'll add the 4 or so buddies always bothering me to join.
Action: Click next, click next, page is now loading...
Thought: AHHHHHHHH Did that last screen just say it was emailing EVERYONE in my aol account to see if they want to join!!!!!!!! AHHHHH it automatically assumes YES are you kidding me!
Action: Close window while still loading
Thought: Maybe, it didn't go through, I bet I caught that in time, there is no way I just accidentally emailed everyone I ever knew to join.
Thought: I think I dodged that bullet.

Later then later that day,
Me: Hey Jamie anything interesting happen today?
Jamie: Ajax this and that
Jamie: ohh and what the heck is up with " Come join me on Facebook to check out some video's"?
Me: .......
Me: ohh no, ohhhhh no
Jamie: What are you 19?
Me: I can't believe it

Next day,
Action: 25+ emails about people adding or confirming or inviting me on Facebook.
Thought: The nightmare continues. Everyone's giving me a hard time though they sign up as well.
Thought: Well if Everyone is signed up now then I should at least check my Facebook page, right
Action: Check out my page, see all the friends added read 'My Wall', post on a few others
Thought: This is getting addicting, time to call it a day

Through out the next day,
Action: checked Facebook over 10 times
Thought: Well, just in case anyone posted to My Wall. What are my buddies up to. What else can this site do.
Thought: Ohh no, there's no going back, I'm hooked. I love it and can't seem to get enough.
Thought: Maybe just maybe its not just for 19 year olds...

So I would just like to apologize to every single contact in my aol account, especially all my work contacts, that I'm really sorry that I mass spammed some of my favorite peeps. And for those many people who joined cause I emailed them, I'll see you in Facebook world; come on in, the water is fine.



~~~ OK OK this wasn't so "Happy" and I guess it was more of a rant. Its just unfortunate the economy is in the state that it is right now is all I was trying to say. No need for bold red letters right. ~~~

Stupid banks with their stupid ARM loans and stupid greedy people screwing up our economy...


Personal Rate of Return from 01/01/2008 to 10/15/2008 is -40.0%

College Fund:
Rate of Return since Inception (of the plan not the baby) is -36%

You have to be kidding me!! How about another 700 Billion?

I know in the long run it will be fine but at this rate the 'long run' might out last us all. The only bright side is that we are buying more shares for our money right now. Hope these shares don't disappear all together though.

So I've decided to find out the Upside of the Economic Downturn, here we go:
  • In times of economic uncertainty, certain products still prosper. Lipstick, is a cheap pick-me-up alternative to the more extravagant retail therapy. Sales have been up.
  • For men, suit sales plummet, while tie sales go up as a cheap wardrobe refresher
  • declining divorce rates
  • Lobster prices have dropped
  • Lighter traffic reported in L.A.
  • thrift stores have seen a big upturn
  • interestingly I've read that there are more babies from this down turn ( guess more people are staying home instead of going out.)
  • People are cutting back on their 'keeping up with the Jones' spending and actually trying to live within their means, something that has needed to happen for awhile now
  • People like Paris Hilton and everyone on MTV's Sweet Sixteen show now really look like the out of touch idiots that they are
  • Did I mention the Lobster prices!! - best part of it all I feel
Feel free to add to this list, I'd love to hear other reasons!

Pumpkin Pickin'

Ajax picked out his own pumpkin to take home!

Halloween with the Hennessy's

Smile, smile, smile ohhh take a picture, take a picture, take a picture!
Lobster Man and Super Girl

Love the cat costume!! I seem to be reminded of a Ralphie from The Christmas Story...

Have you ever seen a lobster dance?

Bob the Builder
Can we fix it?
Bob the Builder
Yes we can!

Papa John is looking hungry!!

Time for an Activity!

We had a fun time at the little kid's Halloween Party! It was great to see everyone and dress the kids up in stuff they will hate us for later :o)

Diaper Derby

Clements Market had their annual Huggies Diaper Derby on Oct. 8 this year. Jamie had been running Ajax through sprint drills for weeks before hand getting him ready. We had talked about it and made a game plan on how we , ... sorry Ajax, was going to win.

Jamie and I were there and we cheered and encouraged him on. The people that worked at the store were placing bets and most went to Ajax, we had him all hyped up to win. He was robbed of first but its a long story and Jamie always tells it best. He came in Second and won some packs of diapers and bibs! It was a fun time to see all the babies competing and the parents.

Speaking of the parents they were either 28+ or 18- in age. I think that is the way society is going right now. It was strange to see the reflection of our country as a whole in the produce section of a grocery store though.

At any rate, congrats to our little man! #4 Ajax


Uncle Rick

In loving memory, we will always remember you Uncle Rick.
Jamie, John & Rick

Greg, Dennis & Rick



Happy Birthday Jamie!! This past Sunday, the 5th was Jamie's birthday. We got an ice cream cake, of course, and celebrated with my folks. We had chicken wings and watched sports all day, I think it was a good one :o)


Haiku for Paul Newman

An amazing man,
a humanitarian,
actor, car racer.

With baby blue eyes,
You will be forever missed,
Thanks for all you gave.

Paul Newman is one of my favorite actors and I have always highly admired his efforts off camera. His personal humanitarian efforts that have raised over 200 million dollars is amazing and is quite an inspiration. I love the salsa and I love the idea behind it. Plus those eyes!!


Summer Mourning / Fall Afternoon

The last day of Summer has passed by and I'm a little down about it. Summer had treated us so good and we enjoyed its great weather this year as well as the time at the beach. Maybe I'm being a little childish about it all but I wanted more... more beach time, more sunshine weekends, more walks in the neighborhood with friends and more laughs in the pool with my son.

Part of the secret to a happy life is to be appreciative of what you have. I have some great memories with family and friends and they were the key to the Summer joy. Thanks everyone for making this Summer a fun one!!

Every turn of a season I seem to have this strange split of emotions. Longing for the one that has passed and anticipation for the approaching one. I feel guilty for my excitement for the start of Fall, as though I've abandoned Summer already. I will miss you Summer, see you next year!

I started getting my decorations in order for Fall, though I haven't put them out yet. I'm going all out this year! It's going to be a Fall extravaganza! Apple picking, watching the leaves change, Thanksgiving, wind storms that drop leaves everywhere, cool mornings, pumpkins, apple cider, crazy looking gourds ... I really could go on and on but I think you get the idea. I'm ready to enjoy this Fall, please don't tell Summer! :0)


High Five!

Jamie has taught Ajax how to high five now, its pretty funny. He hits your hand then laughs hysterically at it. I will try and get some video of it to share.

The weather has been great out and I can't wait to enjoy this weekend! My girlfriend and her husband are coming down on Sat. and we are going to explore Newport. It should be a fun time since the last time I saw her I was pregnant and at her wedding!

Have a great weekend and enjoy it before the winter swoops in! High Five!


New Blogger Feature

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Ajax learned the word No

Yesterday we went out as a family to Fieldstone's for dinner. The food is terrific and it has a comfortable atmosphere. Ajax was a ham and smiled and flirted with all the ladies there, they couldn't get enough of him. He's really good at reeling them in with the half smile and making them work for a full one! I think we are going to have a pretty hard time when our little man gets to be a teenager. I can't even picture what Ajax will look like when he's a teen, its amazing just to think about it!

As I was getting ready to go out Ajax was hanging out with me in our bedroom. There was a cord for the fan on the ground and he went over to pull/bite it. He was sitting on the floor and his hand is on it and I said " Ajax, No" not yelling just in a not playing around tone. He scoots around to face me, looks up at me, takes a deep breath, waits a beat and then starts BAWLING his eyes out. The word No had caused him to cry! He cried hard too, like he had hurt himself and if I didn't see the whole thing unfold I would have though he had. I stood there and watch him to see if this was one of his cry for 5 seconds then stop ones. It wasn't. Jamie came in to see what was going on and asked what happened. "I said No to him"

I picked him up and he had a tiny tear on the side of his face. He stopped crying and snuggled in. It was pretty darn cute. I can't believe my little man understands the word No. I wonder which other words he understands that we say?

My parents have said that its still amazing to them that their baby has a baby of her own. It seems impossible that my little Ajax will some day be a husband, a father, even a grand-father. The little baby I brought home on Halloween will be turning 1 soon, he understands words that we say, he laughs at our smiles, and he is comforted by our hugs. I'm scared that he will be riding a bike and going to the prom in another blink of the eye.


I laughed, I cried, I played Guitar Hero till 11pm

I had a great birthday, thank you everyone who called and emailed me :o) You made my day super special.

Jamie got me Guitar Hero Aerosmith with a wireless guitar! I had been wanting this for so long but never thought we'd actually get it. I've been playing it when ever I have some free time.
My folks got me some new workout cloths that I needed and a gravy boat. Seems like a strange gift and it got a big laugh out of me. I've needed one now a few times but never had one and had to improvise each time. It will come in very handy come Thanksgiving! My mom also made me a carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that was Yum-O as Rachel Ray would say.
Ajax gave me a card (with my mom's help) and it got me a little choked up reading it. He also gave me a big hug and a chuckle. Jamie and I went out for dinner at Ching Tao and shared a Scorpion bowl to celebrate. It was a terrific birthday and I can't think of anything else I would have wanted to do instead! Thank you to all my friends and family!!


Happy Birthday to Me!!

29 today! Wow.

Turns out Newport is on the list of great American beach towns!!


Here is the whole list of them: (This seems like a great to do sometime in my life list for me)

Ogunquit, Maine
Sand: Three and a half miles of white-sand beaches on a long hook of land.
Things To See: To avoid the traffic of crustacean-seeking crowds, you'll want to ditch the car. Snag a parking spot at Footbridge Bridge early in the morning ($15 for the day) and take the trolley back into town for blueberry pancakes at Bessie's. Then stroll with a cup of coffee through the galleries and too-cute shops. Cross back over at Ogunquit Beach to find the spot you've staked in the sand.

Mexico Beach, Florida
Sand: Three miles of confectioners'-sugar sands, you'll see bald eagles, sea turtles, dolphins -- and only a few footprints.
Things To See: The 1,200 residents focus is on small-town fun, with gumbo cook-offs, kingfish tournaments, and fireworks fundraisers. You can kill two beach birds with one stone at the souvenirs-and-seafood shop Shell Shack. If you want to get off the beach, take a scuba dive through a sunken oil tanker just offshore.

Newport, Rhode Island
Sand: Exclusive clubs beaches to free, secluded spots on Aquidneck Island.
Things To See: Newport has a dramatic, ocean-crashing-on-rocks side facing the Atlantic; a cutesy, colonial side facing Narragansett Bay; and a third, Rhode Island Sound?oriented side that's swept with beaches. Easton's Beach (better known as First Beach) is the classic Americana spot, with a carousel, snack bar, and cabanas; Sachuset (Second) Beach is a 1.25-mile stretch below St. George's prep school that catches the crowd runoff. Third Beach is a quiet spot for kiteboarding, kayaking, and bird-watching.

Folly Beach, South Carolina
Sand: Six-mile barrier island with surfers, beachcombers, and shellfish aficionados.
Things To See: Communing with nature is more common than commuting to the office, honking is what the birds do, and a board meeting is a bunch of surfers hanging out at the Washout. Newcomers' first stop should be McKevlin's Surf Shop, here since 1965. They'll set you up with a rental and one-hour lesson for $40. Folly Beach County Park is quieter than busy Center Street beach, but still has boogie boards, umbrellas, and bikes for rent. At Folly Beach Crab Shack, grab a hammock chair, and munch on buckets of seafood.

Saugatuck, Michigan
Sand: Dunes that will remind you of Cape Cod, and beaches that mimic Malibu -- right in the heart of the Midwest.
Things To See: The historic, gallery-lined town has long drawn visitors. Beachgoers can cross the bridge or board a 1913 hand-cranked ferry. The ride costs a $1 and rewards passengers with the unspoiled stretch of Oval Beach, which frequently finds itself listed as one of the world's best -- despite being miles from any ocean. The nearby Saugatuck Dunes State Park has two miles of Lake Michigan shoreline, 200-foot-tall dunes, and 1,000 acres of hiking terrain.

Coral Bay, St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands
Sand: More than 40 beaches on the island -- many protected by a national park.
Things To See: Long a hippie-ish hideout for old salts and new beach bums, the funky little town has none of the bling and bustle of sister islands St. Thomas and St. Croix. Here, the economy depends on the sale of tropical trinkets from rickety shacks and bikinis from a VW bus. The unofficial town hall is Skinny Legs, a beachfront bar where the burger selections are scrawled on an old windsurfing board and an old sail serves as the awning.

Port Aransas, Texas
Sand: An 18-mile stretch of beaches, marinas, and seafood shacks on the Gulf of Mexico.
Things To See: Port A has a Sandcastle Guy, who can whip up intricate turrets, archways, moats, and stairways faster than you can whip out your towel. (Mark Landrum also offers lessons.) Afterwards, surf the swells off the town jetty, kiteboard off the beginner-friendly sandbars, and cast the bays and flats for trophy tuna and tarpon. Fishing tournaments nearly every weekend in July and August add to the competitive spirit, but everybody's chummy over burgers and beers back at the oceanfront Beach Lodge.

Santa Cruz, California
Sand: 29 miles of beaches.
Things To See: Eat cotton candy and ride the roller coasters at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. At this college town on Monterey Bay, bookish students and buff Laird Hamilton types spend their downtime mountain biking, long-boarding, and refueling on organic, farm-fresh fare (or at least a great fish taco). Rookie surfers should head to Cowell Beach, while volleyball players can pick up a game -- or maybe a new friend -- at Main Beach.

Jekyll Island, Georgia
Sand: A barrier island with ten miles of dune-swept beaches.
Things To See: You can go horseback riding on the beach, kayak and canoe through salt marshes, bike along 20 miles of trails along the sands, or visit a water park. This bounty of outdoors options is matched by the historic district, a 240-acre compound on Jekyll Creek. Named in 1734 for a financial backer of the Georgia colony, the island long belonged to co-owners J.P. Morgan, Joseph Pulitzer, and William Rockefeller, and their moneyed manners still linger in elegant boutiques.

Cannon Beach, Oregon
Sand: Four miles of Pacific Northwest grandeur, with towering rocks, tidal pools, forests, and waterfalls, all connected by soft stretches of sand.
Things To See: Picket fences, surf shops, and glassworks boutiques have helped tame Cannon Beach, a town of 1,700 artsy and outdoorsy souls, into a perfectly stroll-worthy seaside escape. Born of volcanoes and still constantly smashed by the sea, the Oregon outpost overspills with fascinating formations, from the 235-foot basalt Haystack Rock and the forest-shrouded waves of Indian Beach to calmer spot
s at Arcadia Beach and the Tolovana Wayside.

Haleiwa, Hawaii
Sand: 40 surf breaks -- known as the Seven-Mile Miracle.
Things To See: Haleiwa inspires with tumbling turquoise waves that swell to 25 feet, pineapple plantations, and dozens of hip little eateries, shops, and studios. Surf N Sea, one of the island's oldest surf shops, has rentals and lessons, plus scuba diving. The Haleiwa Arts Festival takes place in mid-July and exhibits sculptures, watercolors, photos, and jewelry by local artists.


Komen Maine Race 2008

My buddy Matt is participating in a race on Sept. 21 to help cure Breast Cancer and I would love it if you could check it out and help support the cause. I've donated to Devin Rautio, his son, already and just wanted to pass along this chance to make a difference. Thanks so much everyone!!! Go Team Groundpounder!

From the Komen Maine Race website:
Our Vision: A World Without Breast Cancer Our Promise: The Susan G. Komen for the Cure Promise is to save lives and end breast cancer forever by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures. Our Story: Nancy G. Brinker promised her dying sister, Susan G. Komen, she would do everything in her power to end breast cancer forever. In 1982, that promise became Susan G. Komen for the Cure and launched the global breast cancer movement. Thanks to events like the Komen Race for the Cure series, we have invested $1 billion to fulfill our promise, becoming the largest source of nonprofit funds dedicated to the fight to breast cancer in the world. Our Local Story: The Komen Maine Race for the Cure began in 1997 with a small group of women working out of their homes, trying to make a difference. We've grown from our humble beginnings to be the largest 5K in the State of Maine, drawing over 3,800 participants last year. Still locally driven, the Maine Affiliate has granted out over $1.3 Million Dollars in the State of Maine since 1997, funding education, screening and treatment programs throughout the state. We have also contributed well over $350,000 to national breast cancer research programs.




Who Knew!!

So who the heck knew that paint could go bad??! Turns out it can and we learned it the hard way. Last Sunday my mom watched the baby for a little bit for us. So we considered going out for dinner but I said I was happy just hanging out with Jamie so lets do something around the house instead of spending money on dinner. Sometimes it doesn't pay to try and get ahead though.

We decide that we'll paint our bedroom closet, we never got to it since we've moved into our house. We had our clothes in there and it was something that just got put off for later. So 2 years later we were both ready to go to get that finished up and done with.

We whip out the painting job and clean up in an about an hour and a half. Sweet, job done! Jamie says it smells funny and if paint can go bad. I tell him he's just being crazy its just a paint smell.

The smell gets worse and worse as the days go by. Its clearly not just a paint smell, it was some where between a moldy towel in the summer and a wet dog smell. Freaking gross. Do some research online and yes paint can go moldy and its a pain to fix.

Since then we haven't slept in the room, our house has been a mess with the contents of our closet in every other room of the house and we've had to apply 2 coats of Kilz. It's been a horror show with all this.

So this 'quick' project that we started over a week ago has turned into a forever type of project. Just last night we got the clothes back in the closet after the second coat of paint aired out.

Moral of the story is that oh yes paint can go bad, real bad. If it goes bad, don't use it, thats bad too.

Jamie still thinks it smells funny.... we'll see :oP


Bath Time

Sunday night at Nana K's house. Ajax like to try and eat the bubbles and ended up with this bubble beard! He also liked to try and eat the water, there seems to be a theme here...


This Past Month

Ok, Ok I know its been forever and I apologize for taking so much time off. I don't know what happened there but time is flying by!! Something about the summer makes me feel like I'm going through a time warp. Here is what's been going on. Ajax turned 9 months old at the end of July, which I know is about a month ago but here are his pictures from that.

He is smiling and laughing all the time still, his Papa is a big part of all the laughter! Ajax is crawling as fast as can be now. He is also climbing all over everything and stands by himself against the furniture.
I don't understand why he likes the bathroom so much, he is always racing for it if the door is left open. So one day I'm like "fine kid lets go check out all the wonders it may hold" and we go in there to see what we can see, he just ended up sitting on the floor and looking around and touching the floor tiles, nothing to interesting. So I'm thinking I've solved this problem and he'll be done with it, nope, he still races towards it when ever he can make a break for it. Luckly he is like his father in the fact that he can not tread softly, I know you can walk loudly but how the heck do you crawl loudly ?!!

This past month I also went to my girlfriend Barb's wedding in South Carolina on August 9th. It was a great time and I had such a fun time hanging out with her and seeing some buddies from down there as well. It was a back yard wedding at their house and there were 16 people all together. I'm not bragging or anything but, I was the Maid of Honor!! :o) I was very excited about that! The day turned out beautiful even though the few days before there were extreme thunderstorms going through the area. Here are some of the pictures of their big day:
It was such a beautiful wedding and I am very happy to have been a part of it. Congrats to Barb & John!!

July 30th was Ajax' first time in the pool. He loved it and kicked his legs like a frog the whole time he was in it. Turns out he also likes to lick the water, I tried to keep him from it but he thought it was awesome and kept doing it. He was laughing the whole time and his diaper got filled up and super huge!

Jamie's cousin Melissa came up from Florida with her baby girl Maya and we got to all hang out the first weekend in August. The babies got along great and had a fun time seeing someone else in the world their own size!

Also we went to Ajax' good friend Ridley's 1st Birthday party on Aug. 5th. It was a fun time for kids and adults. Ajax loved checking out her new toys, especially the wheels of the new toys!

We also got a new TV, Jamie is very very excited about it. Jamie's cousins Mike and Greg had come over and helped us out hanging it out and checking out the picture. It looks great and now I'm told we 'need' to get DirecTV with the NFL Sunday ticket. :o) It does make my cartoons look really amazing I must say!

This past weekend we went to my girlfriend Lindsay's house for a BBQ/ 30th Birthday party for Brandon. It was a fun time and good to see them. The food was tasty and just kept coming!!

So it's been a very busy month with everything going on!!! Hopefully this is a quick catch up for everyone who still checks out this blog, again sorry for it taking me so long! I can't believe it's already the end of August next week, Ajax will be 10 months old and fall will be on us quickly. The mornings are already starting to feel chilly and the sun has been setting earlier on our evening walks.