July in Pictures

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Here are some pictures from our July. We enjoyed a very foggy day at the beach to start July off this year. We had a great time at the 4th of July party this year, it was so great seeing all of our friends and family.

We all went to the Boston Swan Boats and had a fun time walking around, Ajax enjoyed the Make Way for Ducklings statues! There are also pictures of playing in the baby pool and blowing bubbles at Nana K's house.

We closed July out with a camping adventure...

We got set up and enjoyed a dip in the pond on the campground, proud of how easy we got set up but sweaty from working in such heat and humidity. The campsite we stayed at is in RI called Burlingame and is about 1 hour and a toll bridge from our house. After the pond we went out for food and took a few pictures of Ajax. After hanging out at the campsite for a bit we went down to the Charlestown beach to hit the huge waves of the ocean. I got tossed and thrown about in them and ended up feeling sandblasted from top to bottom. It had now been a long day and Ajax was getting hungry so we call it a day and head back to camp.

The key would NOT turn in the ignition, we tried everything and still it would not turn. Called AAA and wait the half hour or so till he comes, he tries the ignition and the key just wouldn't work. We're screwed. Ajax and I end up back at the campsite with a pile of the camping gear we had in the now broke car. He is starving, it is now almost night, I don't have a lighter and everyone is staring at us as the huge tow truck with the flashing lights is pulling away. I really really wish I hadn't left the camera in the car for all of this.

It's now dark, we didn't pack a light and Ajax is still awake well past his bedtime. The tent is hot and humid when I get the late night call from Jamie... the tow truck taking him and my car back to Portsmouth has broken down... We're really screwed now. I think it was about 11 at night once Jamie got back to the campsite with his car. The night was freezing and humid, something I didn't think was even possible before this trip.

We packed for home in record time, I don't think that we'll be camping again anytime soon. Through all the terrible events of the trip though we stayed in pretty good spirits and actually laughed a little at it all.