July in Pictures

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Here are some pictures from our July. We enjoyed a very foggy day at the beach to start July off this year. We had a great time at the 4th of July party this year, it was so great seeing all of our friends and family.

We all went to the Boston Swan Boats and had a fun time walking around, Ajax enjoyed the Make Way for Ducklings statues! There are also pictures of playing in the baby pool and blowing bubbles at Nana K's house.

We closed July out with a camping adventure...

We got set up and enjoyed a dip in the pond on the campground, proud of how easy we got set up but sweaty from working in such heat and humidity. The campsite we stayed at is in RI called Burlingame and is about 1 hour and a toll bridge from our house. After the pond we went out for food and took a few pictures of Ajax. After hanging out at the campsite for a bit we went down to the Charlestown beach to hit the huge waves of the ocean. I got tossed and thrown about in them and ended up feeling sandblasted from top to bottom. It had now been a long day and Ajax was getting hungry so we call it a day and head back to camp.

The key would NOT turn in the ignition, we tried everything and still it would not turn. Called AAA and wait the half hour or so till he comes, he tries the ignition and the key just wouldn't work. We're screwed. Ajax and I end up back at the campsite with a pile of the camping gear we had in the now broke car. He is starving, it is now almost night, I don't have a lighter and everyone is staring at us as the huge tow truck with the flashing lights is pulling away. I really really wish I hadn't left the camera in the car for all of this.

It's now dark, we didn't pack a light and Ajax is still awake well past his bedtime. The tent is hot and humid when I get the late night call from Jamie... the tow truck taking him and my car back to Portsmouth has broken down... We're really screwed now. I think it was about 11 at night once Jamie got back to the campsite with his car. The night was freezing and humid, something I didn't think was even possible before this trip.

We packed for home in record time, I don't think that we'll be camping again anytime soon. Through all the terrible events of the trip though we stayed in pretty good spirits and actually laughed a little at it all.


$30 bucks to get rid of your extra fridge

From Boston.com I found where you can sign up and get your extra fridge removed and get paid $30 ! Great deal all the way around :) www.coolturnin.com This is for Mass & RI National Grid customers



Coastal Wine Trail Kick-Off

I'm going to this and would love to have people join me!! Let me know if you're interested:

Coastal Wine Trail Kick-Off
Coastal Wine Trail Kick-off Event
Sunday, June 7, 2009 1pm – 3pm

Sakonnet Vineyards will host this year’s Coastal Wine Trail Kick-off event under one tent on our lawn at our winery in Little Compton, RI. The 8 wineries of the Coastal Wine Trail will all be present promoting the beginning of this year’s Passport Season. The area’s farmers, finest food providers, cheese makers, bakers, and more will be on hand to sample what they do best as we take in the beautiful setting at the vineyard and the sounds of live music. This is a rain or shine, 21+ event, under the tent and we encourage all to dress comfortably and weather appropriate. Space is very limited and this wine & food event will sell out! Local farmers, caterers, and producers will be offering small samples to taste, as well as an array of locally grown and produced wines and beer. Some vendors and participants will also have items for sale if you’re interested in bringing something back home with you. Price $40.00 per person advance registration required.


He will not be denied

He is going in the water. He doesn't care that it is April. He doesn't care that the water is 50 degrees.

"Just get the hell out of the way or I will bite you."

And yes, he bit me.



Ajax loves his stuffed animals and Flan

March 21 2009 at the Boston Garden

I am still a little sad about it all. This is a clip of the video they played at the Garden.


UML--Go Riverhawks!

UMass-Lowell overcame all obstacles in advancing to the Hockey East Finals, by defeating Northeastern 3-2 in overtime at the TD BankNorth Garden Friday Night. Sondra was in rare form. She was smoozing with Marty Meehan and talking so much shit, she got a headlock from a giant freak. She waited until right before the national anthem, when the arena was silent and when they announced that the singer was a Northeastern student, she totally ruined the young girls self-esteem by yelling, "You're FAT!" at the top of her lungs. Even Marty and I cringed at that one, but that was how big this game was. Glory was on the line and the fans were a giant factor in the game. UMass-Lowell was down 2-1 with a minute left when Northeastern was called for too many men on the ice, the scoundrels. Blaise, the Riverhawks coach pulled the goalie and with the fans in a frenzy and the 6-4 advantage, they knocked in a rebound to tie it with 19 seconds left and the UMass-Lowell fans went ballistic. They weren't sitting down now and as overtime started, you could see the Huskies confidence ruined and the Riverhawks revitalized by the crowd. Three minutes in, they put the icing on the cake and scored the winning goal leaving everyone in disbelief and realizing they witnessed history in the making. BU #1 in the country is up for tonight in the finals...do you believe?


Back to the Doctors

So far I haven't really been liking 2009. We are going back to the doctors again today for Ajax and his ear infection. I believe we are now at $100 just in co-pays and I have chosen to not even keep track of the money for all the medicines.

Last night I spent over an hour cleaning up the floor because Ajax threw fish and pasta everywhere, I guess he was done. I found fish in the heater, which isn't where it usually goes.

With him not feeling good he wants me to pick him up, then put him down, then pick him back up again then back on the ground. Over and over. I've taken to just sitting on the floor recently.

I'm hoping its just January that is tough and that February will be better. I believe in karma so this has to bounce back eventually. Not sure how much more I can take!



How to opt out of getting the Yellow Pages


Movement Against Unsolicited Phone Book Delivery




Well, Ajax finally got his first bad illness, a double ear infection, and he went on antibiotics on Monday. He was all out of sorts on Sunday and had a low fever, but by the time he woke up Monday morning, his fever was up around 103 and we went in to the doctors to get the bad news. Nana came out to help take care of him and he rested most of the day, but he was still pretty unhappy. That night he woke up around 2 with a bad choking cough, so I went in, changed his diaper and gave him a few ounces of milk. Second later a shower of vomit covered us. I got Sondra to help clean him up, I jumped in the shower to wash the puke off my nuts, and then he puked all over Sondra. Although she cannot relate to having vomit on her scrotum, she was nonetheless not excited about the predicament.

I just wanted to catalogue this in the blog so that Ajax understands that he owes us big and that he better not give us any shit


Last post of 2008

So today is my last day of work for 2008 and so basically last chance I'll be posting. 2008 has come to a close. Its been a good year though it certainly had its sad moments. To sum it up in one word I'd pick, Family.

This year Ajax has changed so much and has made us a Family. It seems we've been on the go and running around for most of the year, it certainly felt like it moved by fast! This next week and a half Jamie and I will be both home and able to take it slow and really enjoy each other as well as make memories for our own new little family.

A few nights ago, we took out our wedding album and the photo album I made of Ajax' first few months. It was such a nice thing to shut off the tv and just meander down memory lane together talking about the good times we've had. For 2008 I have undertaken a big project of creating a photo book for the entire year. It's turning out to be a lot of pages and I wasn't sure if it was even worth it until we had looked through the pictures together. I still love hearing my parents talk about us growing up and recanting the funny stories. It might be a great new tradition to sit down as a family and look through the years and tell the stories over and over.

We'll be traveling all around seeing extended family and friends, it should be a great time! Can't wait to see everyone and catch up, Merry Christmas !!!


Not too much

December is just going by pretty darn fast! Here are some video's of Ajax that Jamie took:



Enjoy and have a good Holiday!


Last night was the premier of Fox's Secret Millionaire TV show. It's going to be on Wed. at 8pm. I ended up watching the entire 2 episodes that they ran and I love this show. The idea behind it is that they take millionaires and have them live in a very poor area and pretend that they are down and out. They have to live a week on a welfare check, about 100 dollars.

They meet some incredible people along the way and learn a lot about others and how tight money can be. Did anyone else out there catch this one? What did you think?


November's Come and Gone

Thanksgiving was a very fun time, hope everyone else had a good one too! Here are some pictures of the day at our house. Jamie took them all, I never even got my camera out even though I had meant to.
My family can never keep their eyes open for a picture :o)

Barbara, Amanda and Ajax

Thumbs up on the turkey!! Me and Dad

It was great seeing everyone and so glad we could all get together. We had Thanksgiving Trivia with prizes for correct answers and also played Apples to Apples which got lots of laughs.

Other pictures of stuff that's been going on are here: http://ianhockeywineandmore.shutterfly.com/

Jamie and I went to the UML Hockey game and had a fun time hanging out with Dan and his girlfriend. He is an even more die hard hockey fan then I am! Impressive I know.

I went with my good friend Robin and a dozen other ladies on a wine tasting tour. It was such a great time! It is called the Coastal Wine Trail and we went through Newport Vineyards, Greenvale Vineyards and Sakonnet Vineyards. They had rented a van that took us to each vineyard, it worked out great and we had lots of snacks in the van while we were driving. The pictures are from the last stop at Sakonnet Vineyards which was my favorite. It will be fun to visit again when the vines are ripe with grapes so if anyone wants to give it a try let me know!

November was a very fun month but sure did go by quickly.


Macy's Excursion

We had a laptop meltdown at the house so no new pictures to post. Hopefully we'll get it up and going again.

This weekend I reviewed the Christmas list and inventoried what I already purchased for gifts. I went out to Macy's to pick up a gift and brought Ajax with me. It was overcast most the day but we made it fine. I dressed him up in overalls, my favorite on him :) We park pretty close for such a busy mall day and dash inside. No stroller, I'm just winging it.

Inside I find what I am looking for need to compare a few things so I put Ajax down next to me. This is the first time in a store my baby has stood by himself with me I realize. Pretty cool and cute as a button.

He stood by my side for exactly 1/10 th of a second... then he was out to explore. I actually think I saw him run! I am chasing/following him all around the department, wondering how he can walk faster in a store then at home. Maybe there is just more motivation.


4,195 Americans

Right now we are all thinking about the economy and how tight our money is. Christmas is coming and Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away! We worry about where our house value is heading and the Fall Season line up on TV. What's for dinner and the latest celebrity to have a baby/ get divorced/ or gain weight.

Today's top headlines on most news sites and stations are covering:

jobless claims surge
the bailout
Sarah Palin
Aniston's jab at Jolie
CMA highlights

I just want to point out that Veterans Day was 2 days ago. We remembered for a day and now we've moved on it seems. At least 30,774 U.S. troops have been wounded in action, according to the Pentagon. Please take a moment to read about the 4,195 Americans who have lost their lives for our country. As I read through, I found people from our own area, people with the last name Martin, and it just really touched me and I wanted to pass it on.

Most of these people are 19 and 20 years old! They chose to fight for our country and they have paid the ultimate sacrifice, they will never see 21, they will never see their kids, they will never grow old, they will never see grandkids.

Lets take some time and really be Thankful this Thanksgiving for all that we have and also never forget these soldiers.