10 Months Already


Who Knew!!

So who the heck knew that paint could go bad??! Turns out it can and we learned it the hard way. Last Sunday my mom watched the baby for a little bit for us. So we considered going out for dinner but I said I was happy just hanging out with Jamie so lets do something around the house instead of spending money on dinner. Sometimes it doesn't pay to try and get ahead though.

We decide that we'll paint our bedroom closet, we never got to it since we've moved into our house. We had our clothes in there and it was something that just got put off for later. So 2 years later we were both ready to go to get that finished up and done with.

We whip out the painting job and clean up in an about an hour and a half. Sweet, job done! Jamie says it smells funny and if paint can go bad. I tell him he's just being crazy its just a paint smell.

The smell gets worse and worse as the days go by. Its clearly not just a paint smell, it was some where between a moldy towel in the summer and a wet dog smell. Freaking gross. Do some research online and yes paint can go moldy and its a pain to fix.

Since then we haven't slept in the room, our house has been a mess with the contents of our closet in every other room of the house and we've had to apply 2 coats of Kilz. It's been a horror show with all this.

So this 'quick' project that we started over a week ago has turned into a forever type of project. Just last night we got the clothes back in the closet after the second coat of paint aired out.

Moral of the story is that oh yes paint can go bad, real bad. If it goes bad, don't use it, thats bad too.

Jamie still thinks it smells funny.... we'll see :oP


Bath Time

Sunday night at Nana K's house. Ajax like to try and eat the bubbles and ended up with this bubble beard! He also liked to try and eat the water, there seems to be a theme here...


This Past Month

Ok, Ok I know its been forever and I apologize for taking so much time off. I don't know what happened there but time is flying by!! Something about the summer makes me feel like I'm going through a time warp. Here is what's been going on. Ajax turned 9 months old at the end of July, which I know is about a month ago but here are his pictures from that.

He is smiling and laughing all the time still, his Papa is a big part of all the laughter! Ajax is crawling as fast as can be now. He is also climbing all over everything and stands by himself against the furniture.
I don't understand why he likes the bathroom so much, he is always racing for it if the door is left open. So one day I'm like "fine kid lets go check out all the wonders it may hold" and we go in there to see what we can see, he just ended up sitting on the floor and looking around and touching the floor tiles, nothing to interesting. So I'm thinking I've solved this problem and he'll be done with it, nope, he still races towards it when ever he can make a break for it. Luckly he is like his father in the fact that he can not tread softly, I know you can walk loudly but how the heck do you crawl loudly ?!!

This past month I also went to my girlfriend Barb's wedding in South Carolina on August 9th. It was a great time and I had such a fun time hanging out with her and seeing some buddies from down there as well. It was a back yard wedding at their house and there were 16 people all together. I'm not bragging or anything but, I was the Maid of Honor!! :o) I was very excited about that! The day turned out beautiful even though the few days before there were extreme thunderstorms going through the area. Here are some of the pictures of their big day:
It was such a beautiful wedding and I am very happy to have been a part of it. Congrats to Barb & John!!

July 30th was Ajax' first time in the pool. He loved it and kicked his legs like a frog the whole time he was in it. Turns out he also likes to lick the water, I tried to keep him from it but he thought it was awesome and kept doing it. He was laughing the whole time and his diaper got filled up and super huge!

Jamie's cousin Melissa came up from Florida with her baby girl Maya and we got to all hang out the first weekend in August. The babies got along great and had a fun time seeing someone else in the world their own size!

Also we went to Ajax' good friend Ridley's 1st Birthday party on Aug. 5th. It was a fun time for kids and adults. Ajax loved checking out her new toys, especially the wheels of the new toys!

We also got a new TV, Jamie is very very excited about it. Jamie's cousins Mike and Greg had come over and helped us out hanging it out and checking out the picture. It looks great and now I'm told we 'need' to get DirecTV with the NFL Sunday ticket. :o) It does make my cartoons look really amazing I must say!

This past weekend we went to my girlfriend Lindsay's house for a BBQ/ 30th Birthday party for Brandon. It was a fun time and good to see them. The food was tasty and just kept coming!!

So it's been a very busy month with everything going on!!! Hopefully this is a quick catch up for everyone who still checks out this blog, again sorry for it taking me so long! I can't believe it's already the end of August next week, Ajax will be 10 months old and fall will be on us quickly. The mornings are already starting to feel chilly and the sun has been setting earlier on our evening walks.