Weekend at Chris's

This past Saturday Jamie and I went up to his parents house to visit and help out with the new construction. It's coming along and is going to look terrific once it's finished up. It was a nice time, Erin came over with Brendan and I helped put him to sleep for his nap, I think I enjoyed this more then he did.

Later in the day we went over Chris's house and saw all the baby's and mom's to be! Devon is adorable and is the spitting image of Suzanne. They had an old picture of Suzanne as a baby and it was incredible how it could have been Devon, I think they even had on similar outfits. Chris's daughter in law Erin was there as well and she seems to be doing good. She looks nice and healthy and just ready to have her baby.

Brendan was looking at Devon when they were next to each other and seemed really fascinated by her. It's amazing how much bigger he looks next to a new born, to think he was just as small 5 months ago!

Colleen and Rich came over later in the day and it was terrific to have everyone together. Colleen is looking adorable as well. It was such a fun time being able to hang out with everyone and not be at a wedding or baby shower. Things certainly have changed, now at the 4th of July party there will be lots of kids around.

And now a quote from one of my favorite movies:
"Babies, their BABIES!" - Shredder from Ninja Turtles II Secret of the Ooze


Sorry it's Been Soo Long

Last post was the 2nd, it's now the 18th. The irony of why I haven't been posting is that I've been too busy with work and I've had too much on my mind lately.

Also turns out that I got blocked from the website through work for the last week or so and we don't have a home computer. I found a loop hole and hopefully they won't find it.

During my hiatus I had some good post ideas but most have fallen through the cracks. At least one stuck so we all have something to read :o)

This morning's sunrise was incredible, it made me stop and really soak it all in. Intense oranges and pinks filled the horizon. I have been going to work way too freaking early in the morning, I'm usually there by 7 or 7:30. The reason I do this is not at all because I'm an early bird. By going in early, I get to leave early. This is my main motivation, having a flexible schedule has made me an early bird. A fact I still don't understand myself. Going in early also has other benefits though, I always get a great parking spot and I get to see the sunrise every morning which I end up appreciating more then I thought I ever would.

When Jamie and I lived in South Carolina, he kept pestering me to wake up early and go down to the beach and watch the sunrise together. Nothing could have sounded worse to me at the time. I tried to talk him into seeing the sunset instead, mainly because I'm already awake around this time of day. He wouldn't budge on it though and I promised that some day we'll see the sunrise together.

One morning we had woke up early and Jamie's ready to go to Hilton Head and see the sunrise! I went because he said he would buy me a breakfast sandwich. We hop in the car and pull out to make the short drive over the bridge to Hilton Head. Turns out, umm, it was rush hour traffic time with everyone in the state trying to go onto the island as well. We sat in traffic, lots of traffic. Our 15 min. drive turned into over an hour as I remember. We still went to the beach. By the time we got down to the beach to sit together, the sun was half way to high noon!

We still enjoyed it though, we walked the beach and laughed about it. I tried to have this count as "seeing the sunrise" but Jamie would have no part in that. I tried though.

A few days ago I woke up for work and was amazed by the sunrise out our back window. I find it interesting how it really isn't the same every day, each one is special. I went to work and then when I was leaving for the day I saw the sun setting over the water on the West side of the island. My work is on the water as well and has some terrific sunsets. As I walked out to my car, I really enjoyed the colors and glow, again trying to soak it all in.

On my drive home I was thinking, how many people get to see and really enjoy the sun rise and set on the same day over water. Jamie's right, this is paradise!

I appreciated the day and it's beauty instead of just rushing off to work and home again. It made me feel like a tiny piece in a much larger plan.


The reason why I blog

I just finished reading Bridget’s blog, it's part of my morning work routine. Bridget is the reason why I started my own blog, I had been searching for something and through her I was able to find it. It’s terrific so please check it out if you haven’t already: http://www.greetingsfromwaldo.blogspot.com/

I think I was searching for a way of capturing the small stories of day to day, try and capture what I feel living life is all about. I didn’t want to forget or let these things slip by. They aren’t things that you take out your camera and snap a picture for, they aren’t the big events that you think memories are made by: Birthday’s, Christmas, First day of things. They are the small events that truly make up your life. I don’t just remember my birthday’s from my childhood, I also remember how good it felt to get into my parent’s bed when I had a bad dream, or the jokes my father would tell us.

This morning her story rang very true for me and I realized why I wanted to have my own blog so much.

”To me, if I don't write about it, it's almost like it never really happened. If I don't put a funny spin on it the next day, I tend to lose my sense of humor all together.” - Bridget Heos

YES! YES, that was it! I realize why I need to get this written down so much, I do it for myself. I like writing about the funny stuff that happens to me, for my own sake, so I don’t lose them. If I don’t write about them then they slowly fade from my memory, there are too many laughs and great moments that I don’t want to lose. It’s nice also that it allows our friends and family to check in on us, see what we’ve been up too. I also feel that through these day to day stories a larger story is being told as well. Reliving and laughing about the good time seems to enrich everyone's life.

It's 2007 now! 2006 was a great year for Jamie and me, so much happened. We were hanging out during our vacation talking about all that has happened in 2006, it was fun remembering all the different things that has gone on.

Jamie and I had just gotten engaged, it seems like so long ago now but just a year. We watched the sun rise on 2006 at Chatham Bars Inn on the Eastern most point of Cape Cod, it was amazing.
- got engaged
- saw the sun rise on 2006
- Jamie got a new job in RI with me
- we moved in above the Beach House in Middletown RI after living at our folks apart
- Jamie put on a terrific lobster dinner for me and my bridesmaids at our apartment
- Got to see everyone at our wedding shower, beautiful cake and Judy hit a turkey on the way!
- May 20, 2006 married my best friend with everyone with us
- Volunteered at the US Women's Open at Newport Country Club on the 10th hole
- Swam in the largest waves of my life during hurricane Beryl
- Bought our house, and cleaned it up with lots of help from everyone
- Drove up to see our new nephew Brendan Peter Aug. 31, we saw a rainbow on the trip up
- Planted our own bulb in our own yard
- My good friends Lindsay, Ala and Robin all got engaged
- Enjoyed Christmas Eve at Joanne's and Christmas at my parent's
- Had our first Christmas as husband and wife
- Watched New Year's Eve 2007 fireworks over Newport harbor snuggled close to each other

Lots and lots of great things happened and it's fun looking back at it all. Jamie is hoping 2007 isn't as hectic but you never know! It was fun remembering all that's happened and I'm sure we left out some. Have a happy new year!!