So it's Friday before a long weekend!! It will be nice having the extra day off, plus it's birthday time. Sunday is little Brendan's 1st birthday, the party is at Jeanne's and should be a great time. Monday is my big 2-8 :o) I can't believe it's already September!

This summer has seemed to fly by pretty quick. I say that every year though, so people stop listening I think. I spent too much time sleeping or resting in my free time. I think I also worked to much, having to save up all my vacation time I didn't take any days off to enjoy a good day when it came by. It will be nice to have the time off later though.

I had my doctor's appointment yesterday and everything went fine. The doctor felt my belly, (pushing rather hard!) and said, "Wow this is a big baby!" It's not good to surprise your doctor who has been doing this for years with the size of your baby. She is guessing he will come in at 8 and a half pounds. We'll see...

Have a good long weekend!!


32 Weeks

So we're at 32 weeks today! Only 8 weeks left, I can't believe how fast time is going by. I now go to the doctor's every 2 weeks, my next appointment is tomorrow. Last check up we got results back from blood work and an ultrasound, and got great news everything is looking good and I'm measuring right on with what I should be. We also started our Childbirth Preparation Class at Newport Hospital this Monday. It was nice to check out the birthing center at the hospital, it seems like a great place to have a baby. I put together the baby's crib and changing table, they look adorable! Time has seemed to go by so quickly, I can't believe I'm already 7 months.

So outside of baby stuff, Jamie and I just had our 1 year mark in our house, Aug. 25 th. We've done so much in the year with all the different improvements and different projects we had going on. It feels like home and is looking pretty darn good!

So we all have a long weekend ahead of us to look forward to. My birthday falls on Labor Day again this year, which seems appropriate :o) I was actually born on Labor Day back in '79, I love hearing the story of the drive into the hospital with me. Labor Day weekend traffic leaving the Cape and my dad trying to get us to the hospital in his purple gremlin, white knuckling the steering wheel and inching along. Just makes me laugh. Who doesn't love the story of their birth?

Ok I'm going to try harder to keep up the posts now, sorry for the lapse.