Nana K on the Job

My mom came to our house Monday morning to start her new ‘job’ taking care of Ajax two days a week. It was great to have her over and watching him. The stress of trying to get ready in the morning was much less as well as was me worrying about him through the day. I went home at lunchtime and fed him, it was so much easier not having to run all around getting what I need done in time. Nana K slept over and be watched Ajax again on Tuesday. He has a great time and Nana loves it too which is the best part.

I’ve decided to put my classes for my Masters on hold for awhile. There was another class starting up the same week that I returned to work and it just seemed like to much to take on right now. Between everything I felt that I would be stretched too thin and it just wasn’t a priority for me right now. Plus I’ve learned more then I ever want to know about the Theory of Elasticity from being pregnant, or at least the lack there of.

Easing back into work is going better; I’m getting into a routine some what now. I’ve been packing up and getting ready the night before which is helping out a lot. Turns out I can’t make any decisions or figure out what needs to be done at six o’clock in the morning. I don’t think that I was ever good at it but with baby brain there is no hope at all.

I’m looking into getting a digital camera. Since Dax took that short movie clip of Ajax I’ve been hooked on the idea and can’t shake it loose. Jamie and I have been doing some research and checking out prices. Hopefully I’ll be able to get one and then I’ll be posting clips on here all the time.


Back at it

So I’m back at work now and back to blogging. Three months went by faster then it has ever before for me, Thanksgiving and Christmas felt only a week apart. Ajax is doing great; he has already doubled in weight and grown 5 inches longer. How a person grows 5 inches in 3 months I honestly don’t know.

It’s strange to be back to work now. I feel like I never left at some points, same old thing and routine. I am always thinking about how he’s doing and miss taking care of him all day but he seems to be doing ok at daycare. The daycare is close to work so I’ve been able to go there at lunch time and nurse and see him and put him down for a nap which is great. He seems dazed by all the stuff to look at when he is at daycare. Heck I feel overwhelmed with everything going on there when I’m there too! Music, other babies, bright colors, toys and swings everywhere. It’s a lot to take in.

I’m still trying to figure out how to make work and nursing and pumping all go smoothly. So far I’ve failed but I’m going to keep trying. Today is the second day of work for me and forgot a part of the pump at home so that I couldn’t pump at work like I was planning. Then as I’m about to get back to work from pumping and nursing I realize that I’ve forgotten my ID badge at home, ugh. Hopefully tomorrow will go smoother but who knows, this is tough.

I remember at a Woman’s Network meeting I was at I was asking if we could have a speaker come in and talk about how to balance working full time and feeling fulfilled as a mother. This sounded great but turns out you have to either sacrifice work advancement or your time at home is what I kept hearing from others. Seems like this is what everyone is looking for and no one has totally figured it all out yet, so I’ve decided not to put to much pressure on myself to get it perfect and just do the best that I can. It would be great if someone could figure out how to do it though.