Happy 1/3 Birthday !!

Today Ajax is 4 months old. He woke up today and was in a great mood, giving us tons of smiles and laughing a lot. He is so funny and ends up making everyone laugh too. Tomorrow he goes to the doctors for his 4 month check up. He is getting so big, it will be interesting what his official measurements are this visit. I'll put up the numbers on Monday.

Last night cousin Greg came over for dinner. We had apple cider baked haddock with seafood stuffing, glazed carrots and pasta on the side. It was delicious, filling and not to hard to make up. Greg got lots of smiles and giggles out of Ajax last night, he loved having someone else to entertain.


Kansas City Here We Come!

Jamie and I have booked our trip to Kansas City!! We'll be visiting Jamie's brother Justin and his wonderful family out there, we are very excited about it. We are going in April so the weather should be good and Ajax will be about 5 months old by then. It's going to be a real fun time playing with the boys and being able to see Justin and Bridget.

We can't wait to see you guys!!!

I came across a new website that has all inspirational stories in it, http://www.forallthewaysyoucare.com/ Take a look and read some of the stories if you are looking for a good heart warming story. Some of them are amazing, some are long winded and I think almost all are written by women :o)



Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope you all had a good one. Jamie and I enjoyed a wonderful dinner of lobsters for our special day. It was very delicious and a perfect dinner for the two of us. I made up a cake for dessert to top it all off.

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone out there!

Women & Money - Free

Suze Orman was on Oprah yesterday and is giving away copies of her book online for free today! Check it out at http://flv.oprah.com/suze_orman_eng.pdf

It will only be available till 2 pm today so get a copy quick. I love Suze Orman, I always watch her show and I have read her book The Young, Fabulous & Broke book three times now.


Let's See Where You Stand

I found an interesting website: http://www.pricegrabber.com/survey/start/?office=1

It asks you questions on the issues of the 2008 election and then matches you up with the person who aligns most with you. Give it a try, get involved, vote, and care. You can also see the latest standings at: http://www.cnn.com/ELECTION/2008/


Nana Jeanne's

Ajax at 3 months and giving Nana big smiles!!

A short clip of Uncle Jamie and Brendan - Feb. 10 at Nana and Papa's house. (There's no sound on this one but still cute)

This weekend we went up to Nana and Papa's house for Sunday dinner. We had a great time and had a wonderful meal. Jon, Erin & Brendan came over to visit as well. The boys are getting so big!

This weekend cousin Melissa had her baby too!! Maya Elizabeth was born on Saturday Feb. 9 early in the morning. We are so happy for her and Mike and we can't wait to meet the new little addition to the family. Congratulations!!


Online Shopping

I ordered my new digital camera! I'm very excited about it and can't wait for it to come. I went with the Olympus FE-340, it can do the short video clips like my brothers and it comes in red which I was very happy about as well. So once I get that and figure out how to use it expect some more video postings.

I had a whole online shopping extravaganza time this past week. I also ordered the detox kit from Method, I love their products so much. They are all non-toxic and safe to use around kids and pets as well as being some of the best cleaners I've used. They are good for the environment and they also use recycled plastic for their containers. I'm a big fan especially of the daily shower cleaner, left my shower sparkling clean!!

I also ordered a kit from footpetals This is another great site that has all sorts of cushions and stuff for your shoes to make them more comfortable, even high heels. I had heard about them from some of the message boards that I read and had heard great things about them. I had a pair of shoes that I really liked and were almost wearable but you know that you couldn't really go a whole day in them so I had ordered up one of these kits to make them feel much more comfortable. FYI use coupon code FPVIP081 before 3-31-08 to receive 20% off your order, can't beat that! It also says on the site you get a free gift of orders over $25.

I also ordered flowers online as well through usaflorist
I had found them through my works discount program but they ended up having some great specials that were even better then what you got with the discount. With Valentine's Day right around the corner this might be something to consider. FYI if you do go with www.usaflorist.com then use this hint: fill in the infomation on the deliver to and bill to page, making sure to include your email address at the bottom. Hit continue to bring you to the next page, once at the next page close the page. You'll lose your info so no need to fill it in all correctly the first time but make sure to do the email address. They will then email you an offer to complete your order and skip the 13 dollar service charge! Use the link in your email to receive the free shipping on your flower order.

Also check AAA/discounts for other great discounts if you are a member. There are discounts at Circuit City, Dell, DirecTV, CVS, FTD.com, Mill Stores, New York & Company, and Target.com as well as a bunch more.

Here are some of the deals I found with AAA:

- Bob's Stores: All members of AAA SNE are invited to shop at any Bob's location and receive... 25% off their entire purchase!* This specially designed week long shopping events runs from Sunday, February 24th through Saturday, March 1st. Employees and members can present their AAA card at any Bob's Stores location to receive 25% off clothing, footwear, cool gear and much more.

- Linens 'N Things: Download the exclusive AAA coupon and you can choose either a 10% off your total purchase, or take $10 off any purchase of $50 or more. Link to coupon

- Reebok Outlet Stores: AAA members save 20% everyday!

- Payless Shoes: SAVE* 10% on all regular priced merchandise in stores or online, Simply enter your three-digit AAA club code (240) as a coupon code at check out.

As you can tell I've been on a discount hunt lately, I'm not sure what got into me but it's come up with some great savings. If you have any online shopping to do make sure to check for discounts, a good place to start is www.retailmenot.com

Have a good weekend, the weather is cold and snowy out so might as well shop from home :o)


Almost the Weekend; Almost SuperBowl

Can't wait for the weekend over here. I'm excited for SuperBowl as well, not so much for the football that goes with it but for the food and getting together with family. Should be good times.

I checked out a few charities that have a click here once a day to help support and I put up the link in the top left corner of the blog. I checked all of them out on www.snopes.com and they are all honest and official websites that help people and animals out. So check them out and if you can click on them once a day.

I joined a book club and we are trying to figure out what book we should start with. They've been throwing around the idea of The Senator's Wife, I haven't heard of it but I like to read anything so I was up for it. It's not official yet so if anyone out there has any suggestions on what would be a good book club book please let me know, I'd love to hear it.

In response to Jen's question on where we came up with the name Ajax:
We had looked all through the baby name book and came up with a long list of ones we liked. The baby name books didn't help that much though, the names we liked they didn't even bother printing. Picking a name turned out to be much harder then I ever thought that it would be. Jamie liked Greek names, I liked unique names, and we wanted something that went well with Heos. We were willing to go away from the norm because honestly this kid is going to be a house when he's older, there really wasn't any worry about other kids picking on him over it.
The list was about 20 names long and we had a heck of a time picking our top 5 and then from there a hard time picking just one. We like that it's strong and a short name, easy to spell and is Greek.
I didn't want to officially pick a name until we saw the baby so we had 3 lined up, though by we I mean me, Jamie had just Ajax and was sold on it for a few weeks before he came. Jamie and I both really like it, I hope he does too when he gets older. If not he can go by AJ or even Joseph or some form of that. He's got the perfect name if he becomes a professional sports player though :)