Almost 2 years!

Tomorrow is Jamie and my 2nd wedding anniversary! I can't believe that's its been 2 years already :o) We are planning on going out to dinner at Candleworks Restaurant , it looks like a great place and my parents gave us a gift certificate to use there.

The little man got his first tooth on Saturday this past weekend! It's sharp as could be and is just poking through his gums right now. The second front tooth is right there too. He's been more fussy but overall handling it pretty good. It's hard to get a good look in there though, every time you pull his lip down his tongue shoots out! He keeps thinking that food might magically appear that he might be getting. He is still smiling and laughing most the time which is great.


These Boots were made for Walking

It's starting to get nice out!! Hopefully it will decide to stay this way for some time. I found a great site to figure out the distance that you walked when you are out enjoying this wonderful weather. It is pretty easy to use and fun, I played around with different walking paths in my neighborhood to see how long they are. Check out www.mapmyrun.com


Ahh Mother's Day!

I must come clean, I've been laying on the importance level of this being my "First Mother's Day ever" how should I say, umm a little thick!! Guilty as charged on this one. But hey, whats good for the goose is good for the gander right?

For Mother's Day we went out to my parent's house and spent Sunday with them. Every once in awhile my mom's birthday falls on Mother's Day; which it did this year so there was even more to celebrate. My mom and I had a great day, she got gift cards and candles and I got a beautiful Mother/Child necklace from my parent's. Jamie and Ajax came through like champs, they got me horseback riding lessons!!! I'm so excited, I've never gone before and had really wanted to try it.

When I was pregnant it was just one more thing that I couldn't do because I was pregnant, this list was too constricting for me and drove me nuts. It was basically the fact that I now wasn't allowed but other people were that really burned my biscuits. Not only did I have to waddle around with a big old belly but I wasn't even allowed a freakin' hot dog?! You have to be kidding me! Though I resented all the restrictions I followed each and every one of them to the T though I was like a little kid dragging my feet through the entire thing :o) I must come clean again though, I did eat hot dogs..... My doctor said that it was fine and I just didn't have the will power to resist!

Being pregnant wasn't the funniest time ever but we got an amazing little baby boy out of it. For him I am so thankful for each and everyday. His love is the best gift of all. Ajax has made me a Mom; I hope I can live up to be as good a mom as he is a perfect son. I thank Jamie for being so gentle and loving with our little man, I thank Ajax for all his smiles that light up everyone in the room, and I thank my mom for showing me how to love unconditionally in a home full of laughter and love.

I realized all this and thought "And I'm the one who gets a gift today?" I have been given so much that I am truly appreciative of all ready. I felt a little bit sheepish. Looking back I am amazed at how far Jamie and I have come together.

Then I remembered the 2007 7th inning stretch....... ouch, Yea bring on the presents for that one!!!! You guys DO owe me big :o) Thanks so much for making it such a special day, and sorry I laid the pressure on so heavy!

Happy Mother's Day to all the great moms out there!! I hope that you all had a great one!


So that's a Crumpet!!

We had a great weekend visiting Jamie's parents. All of the ladies got together for tea at Crumpets Tearoom in North Andover. It was a great time being able to catch up with everyone and the food was terrific. The teapots came with their own cozy, something I have never seen before! We dressed up in some swanky hats that they had there to take some pictures. Looking good Ladies!!! Also if you were wondering those two flat things in the picture are crumpets :o)


What's in a name?

So the people have asked for an explanation on why we named the man child Ajax. The original Ajax is from the Trojan War. He was Achilles cousin that went to battle in one of the first incidents of the west battling the east. He was the tallest and strongest of all the Achaeans, second only to Achilles. The derivative of his name is 'eagle'. He was trained by the centaur, Chiron, along with Achilles. He commands his army wielding a huge shield made of seven ox-hides with a layer of bronze and a great hammer or war. He is not wounded in any of the battles described in the Iliad, sired by Homer and passed down in the oral tradition for five-hundred years before it was finally written down. Ajax became a central character towards the end of the war. Achilles was killed by the Trojans, but Ajax and Odysseus continued to battle and while Ajax fought off the enemy, Odysseus was able to save Achilles body and bring him back to the Greek camp. Seeing the valor of their countryman, many wanted Ajax to keep the armor which had been crafted on Olympus, but Odysseus swayed the majority with his wits and Odysseus indeed kept the armor. Ajax was pretty pissed off, but everyone had a greater foe to deal with, penetrating the Trojan walls. Crafty Odysseus had devised the scheme of the Trojan Horse. They constructed a giant horse as an offering and sign of peace to the Trojans, and they packed up their tents and sailed away back to Greece. But inside the Horse were a few brave Greeks in hiding, and the Greek army had only sailed up to the next harbor. The Trojans didn't know what to make of it, but in the end they thought the war was over, they brought the horse inside the walls and they began a giant celebration. Later that night after the city was drunk in false valor, the Greeks crawled out of the horse and opened the gates as the Greeks sailed back to the shore and charged into the city and laid down pretty much the biggest beating the world had ever seen. They killed all the men and enslaved the remaining women. The city was entirely destroyed, watering the vines of hate which has never been calmed between the Greeks and the people of the east. The gods did not enjoy watching the world they formed burnt with hate and misery. They punished the remaining greeks and trojans and they each endured many trials for the remainder of their days. We love the story of Ajax. He was a true hero who sacrificed his life to save the remains of his fallen brother in arms. We love how emotional he was and how hurt he was that Odysseus betrayed him. We want our little man to carry forth these virtues. A true hero, loyal to what is good and right, unafraid to stand up and defend those he loves. And yet only permitted happiness by the gods, who must be revered at all times.