Ajax is 1 !!!

We had a small party for Ajax on his birthday 10/28 it was a great time. I made him a birthday cake and he seemed to really love it. Here are some pictures from the day.

Hockey Mama For Obama

Aren't I crafty?! I made this myself :o)


Providence College vs. UMass Lowell Hockey home opener !


Scott & Me

Me & Dan

Friday Oct. 24th was the home opener for UML's hockey team and I was there sporting my jersey and Rowdy Rag. Rowdy the Riverhawk has gotten a make over and is looking much tougher now, I guess its part of the intimidation factor. The team is looking absolutely awesome and I can't wait to check out more games. They won 4-1 ! It was a great time and fun to catch up with other UML Mech engineering alum that night. Next game is Nov. 7th be there or be square!



So umm funny story. Lets start off with a statistic - The chance of accidentally hitting Reply All to an email in your life is 19%

Email conversation concentrated down,
Me: Do you have any pictures of the wedding you went to this weekend.
Buddy: Not yet but they'll probably be some on Facebook soon.
Me: What are you 19, why the heck do you have Facebook?
Buddy: Yea I know, but all my friends have one so what are you going to do.
Me: Fine I'll sign up, but I don't want anyone to know.

Later that day,
Thought: I can't believe I'm signing up for Facebook, what have I become?
Thought: Invite friends I know?? I guess I'll add the 4 or so buddies always bothering me to join.
Action: Click next, click next, page is now loading...
Thought: AHHHHHHHH Did that last screen just say it was emailing EVERYONE in my aol account to see if they want to join!!!!!!!! AHHHHH it automatically assumes YES are you kidding me!
Action: Close window while still loading
Thought: Maybe, it didn't go through, I bet I caught that in time, there is no way I just accidentally emailed everyone I ever knew to join.
Thought: I think I dodged that bullet.

Later then later that day,
Me: Hey Jamie anything interesting happen today?
Jamie: Ajax this and that
Jamie: ohh and what the heck is up with " Come join me on Facebook to check out some video's"?
Me: .......
Me: ohh no, ohhhhh no
Jamie: What are you 19?
Me: I can't believe it

Next day,
Action: 25+ emails about people adding or confirming or inviting me on Facebook.
Thought: The nightmare continues. Everyone's giving me a hard time though they sign up as well.
Thought: Well if Everyone is signed up now then I should at least check my Facebook page, right
Action: Check out my page, see all the friends added read 'My Wall', post on a few others
Thought: This is getting addicting, time to call it a day

Through out the next day,
Action: checked Facebook over 10 times
Thought: Well, just in case anyone posted to My Wall. What are my buddies up to. What else can this site do.
Thought: Ohh no, there's no going back, I'm hooked. I love it and can't seem to get enough.
Thought: Maybe just maybe its not just for 19 year olds...

So I would just like to apologize to every single contact in my aol account, especially all my work contacts, that I'm really sorry that I mass spammed some of my favorite peeps. And for those many people who joined cause I emailed them, I'll see you in Facebook world; come on in, the water is fine.



~~~ OK OK this wasn't so "Happy" and I guess it was more of a rant. Its just unfortunate the economy is in the state that it is right now is all I was trying to say. No need for bold red letters right. ~~~

Stupid banks with their stupid ARM loans and stupid greedy people screwing up our economy...


Personal Rate of Return from 01/01/2008 to 10/15/2008 is -40.0%

College Fund:
Rate of Return since Inception (of the plan not the baby) is -36%

You have to be kidding me!! How about another 700 Billion?

I know in the long run it will be fine but at this rate the 'long run' might out last us all. The only bright side is that we are buying more shares for our money right now. Hope these shares don't disappear all together though.

So I've decided to find out the Upside of the Economic Downturn, here we go:
  • In times of economic uncertainty, certain products still prosper. Lipstick, is a cheap pick-me-up alternative to the more extravagant retail therapy. Sales have been up.
  • For men, suit sales plummet, while tie sales go up as a cheap wardrobe refresher
  • declining divorce rates
  • Lobster prices have dropped
  • Lighter traffic reported in L.A.
  • thrift stores have seen a big upturn
  • interestingly I've read that there are more babies from this down turn ( guess more people are staying home instead of going out.)
  • People are cutting back on their 'keeping up with the Jones' spending and actually trying to live within their means, something that has needed to happen for awhile now
  • People like Paris Hilton and everyone on MTV's Sweet Sixteen show now really look like the out of touch idiots that they are
  • Did I mention the Lobster prices!! - best part of it all I feel
Feel free to add to this list, I'd love to hear other reasons!

Pumpkin Pickin'

Ajax picked out his own pumpkin to take home!

Halloween with the Hennessy's

Smile, smile, smile ohhh take a picture, take a picture, take a picture!
Lobster Man and Super Girl

Love the cat costume!! I seem to be reminded of a Ralphie from The Christmas Story...

Have you ever seen a lobster dance?

Bob the Builder
Can we fix it?
Bob the Builder
Yes we can!

Papa John is looking hungry!!

Time for an Activity!

We had a fun time at the little kid's Halloween Party! It was great to see everyone and dress the kids up in stuff they will hate us for later :o)

Diaper Derby

Clements Market had their annual Huggies Diaper Derby on Oct. 8 this year. Jamie had been running Ajax through sprint drills for weeks before hand getting him ready. We had talked about it and made a game plan on how we , ... sorry Ajax, was going to win.

Jamie and I were there and we cheered and encouraged him on. The people that worked at the store were placing bets and most went to Ajax, we had him all hyped up to win. He was robbed of first but its a long story and Jamie always tells it best. He came in Second and won some packs of diapers and bibs! It was a fun time to see all the babies competing and the parents.

Speaking of the parents they were either 28+ or 18- in age. I think that is the way society is going right now. It was strange to see the reflection of our country as a whole in the produce section of a grocery store though.

At any rate, congrats to our little man! #4 Ajax


Uncle Rick

In loving memory, we will always remember you Uncle Rick.
Jamie, John & Rick

Greg, Dennis & Rick



Happy Birthday Jamie!! This past Sunday, the 5th was Jamie's birthday. We got an ice cream cake, of course, and celebrated with my folks. We had chicken wings and watched sports all day, I think it was a good one :o)