UML--Go Riverhawks!

UMass-Lowell overcame all obstacles in advancing to the Hockey East Finals, by defeating Northeastern 3-2 in overtime at the TD BankNorth Garden Friday Night. Sondra was in rare form. She was smoozing with Marty Meehan and talking so much shit, she got a headlock from a giant freak. She waited until right before the national anthem, when the arena was silent and when they announced that the singer was a Northeastern student, she totally ruined the young girls self-esteem by yelling, "You're FAT!" at the top of her lungs. Even Marty and I cringed at that one, but that was how big this game was. Glory was on the line and the fans were a giant factor in the game. UMass-Lowell was down 2-1 with a minute left when Northeastern was called for too many men on the ice, the scoundrels. Blaise, the Riverhawks coach pulled the goalie and with the fans in a frenzy and the 6-4 advantage, they knocked in a rebound to tie it with 19 seconds left and the UMass-Lowell fans went ballistic. They weren't sitting down now and as overtime started, you could see the Huskies confidence ruined and the Riverhawks revitalized by the crowd. Three minutes in, they put the icing on the cake and scored the winning goal leaving everyone in disbelief and realizing they witnessed history in the making. BU #1 in the country is up for tonight in the finals...do you believe?

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