36 weeks

We had our 36th week check up yesterday after work and everything is still looking good. The baby is still dropped (guessing they don't "un-drop") and is in the right position, things are moving forward. So another clean bill of health for me and our little one. Now we start seeing the doctor every week, next visit is Oct. 4th.

This weekend is the Annual Harvest Feast, Jamie and I are going to try and check it out. Not too much else planned for the weekend besides that which is nice. I think that we'll also go apple picking this weekend too, this is the best time to go. Then it's apple crisp, apple sauce, and all things apple time :o) Escobar's Farm has hayrides too so I was hoping to go there this season, it's a great family farm right in Portsmouth.

Next week is October! Time has really gone by quick. The weather has still been pretty warm and I'm loving it. Apple picking isn't as fun when you can't feel your fingers. I think I'm ready for October though or more specifically the baby coming. The nursery is all set up and ready to go, everything has been washed in Dreft and put away. We finished up the child birth preparation classes and toured the hospital. I got the car seat installed and checked by the local police department. We put the deposit in for the daycare and have that all set up. Jamie and I put together the list for the hospital bag and have started packing stuff up for it. So seems like we are pretty good to go, now we just wait around for a month or so!

Have a good weekend, there won't be many more like this one so get out and enjoy it!


September ' 07

Time keeps sliding by pretty fast for me! My 28th birthday was great, I had a hankering for lobster and Jamie delivered! With a 4.5 pounder, it was huge and extra tasty. We picked him out ourselves down at Aquidneck Lobster on the wharf in Newport. Half the fun is the experience of going there, it's amazing to see all the different seafood they have set up. We cooked him up and enjoyed every minute of it. I was so stuffed afterwards, I've never felt this stuffed before off of lobster, it was great!

The baby shower was on the 16th and was a hit. It was great having everyone over to see the house and to catch up with people. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and be relaxed. The food was delicious and my mom and Cheryll had the house decorated up perfectly. I couldn't believe how many presents there was when I first went downstairs! Everyone was so generous, it was a mountain of gift bags and tissue. I had a wonderful time and am so thankful for all that my mom and Jeanne have done for us. I'm also so blessed to have such great family and friends!

Since the shower I made up special Thank you notes for everyone. I did a scrapbook/stamping style card and each was different. It was fun to make them up and to customize them for each person. I must be nesting!! :o)

I'm feeling really good about everything that I had wanted to get done before the baby comes. Thank you notes are in the mail, all baby cloths are washed and put away, crib is all put together and has bedding on it, the changing table is all stocked up and ready to go. I made up a list for the hospital bag and Jamie and I have started packing that as well. Last night my mom and I put up the curtain in the baby's room that Joanne had made. It looks great! It's nice feeling like things are all set and that I don't need to be worrying about some big detail or project.

Over all we're looking ready for our little guy. My mom has been a huge help, I don't know what I'd do without her. Last night she also cleaned up some of the baby things for me. I just didn't have it in me and she did such a great job of it.

Greg came over last night as well to play with Jamie on the softball team. Jamie and Greg cooked up a great meal for the 4 of us and we all hung out talking until they needed to head out. I loved having them over, it's fun to catch up on the latest adventures. Greg just came back from Finland and sounds like he had an amazing time.

It's been a great September, I can't believe that it's almost over!