4,195 Americans

Right now we are all thinking about the economy and how tight our money is. Christmas is coming and Thanksgiving is just 2 weeks away! We worry about where our house value is heading and the Fall Season line up on TV. What's for dinner and the latest celebrity to have a baby/ get divorced/ or gain weight.

Today's top headlines on most news sites and stations are covering:

jobless claims surge
the bailout
Sarah Palin
Aniston's jab at Jolie
CMA highlights

I just want to point out that Veterans Day was 2 days ago. We remembered for a day and now we've moved on it seems. At least 30,774 U.S. troops have been wounded in action, according to the Pentagon. Please take a moment to read about the 4,195 Americans who have lost their lives for our country. As I read through, I found people from our own area, people with the last name Martin, and it just really touched me and I wanted to pass it on.

Most of these people are 19 and 20 years old! They chose to fight for our country and they have paid the ultimate sacrifice, they will never see 21, they will never see their kids, they will never grow old, they will never see grandkids.

Lets take some time and really be Thankful this Thanksgiving for all that we have and also never forget these soldiers.

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