Macy's Excursion

We had a laptop meltdown at the house so no new pictures to post. Hopefully we'll get it up and going again.

This weekend I reviewed the Christmas list and inventoried what I already purchased for gifts. I went out to Macy's to pick up a gift and brought Ajax with me. It was overcast most the day but we made it fine. I dressed him up in overalls, my favorite on him :) We park pretty close for such a busy mall day and dash inside. No stroller, I'm just winging it.

Inside I find what I am looking for need to compare a few things so I put Ajax down next to me. This is the first time in a store my baby has stood by himself with me I realize. Pretty cool and cute as a button.

He stood by my side for exactly 1/10 th of a second... then he was out to explore. I actually think I saw him run! I am chasing/following him all around the department, wondering how he can walk faster in a store then at home. Maybe there is just more motivation.

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Anonymous said...

I would like it to be documented that the laptop troubles aren't more from a meltdown, but rather due to Ajax' body slam.