It's a BOY !!!! :o)

Yesterday we had our 2nd ultrasound! I was so excited to be able to see our baby again. At the first one the baby was so tiny in there but we saw the small little heart beat going nice and strong which was so great to see.

The technician has a whole bunch of things that she needs to do, take a picture of this, measure the length of this and that, so it takes longer to actually get to see your little baby in there. It was incredible once we got to see our baby on the screen. We could see all the little bones and when she scanned over the face we were able to see the details of the face! When we first started the ultrasound the baby was sleeping but after the rubbing and poking the baby woke up and rubbed it's face with it's hands and squirmed around. It was by far the cutest thing that I have ever seen in my life, it touched my heart and made me so happy.

The baby was in a kind of tough position for the technician to see between the legs but we were able to get a clear shot. We were excited to find out and I'm glad that we did. It's a BOY!!! :o) I'm so excited about it, I can't wait till he is born and see his tiny little features and kiss his small hands. I can't wait till he is a toddler and I can amaze him with my magic tricks. I day dream about when he is ten and we play games in the backyard and go swimming at the beach as a family. I'm getting a little tear-y eyed now!

Anyone who knows me before Jamie must think I've absolutely lost my mind!! How things change, I am certainly an example of that. Married, settled down with a baby on the way and I couldn't be happier!!

The Paper Anniversary

Jamie and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary, May 20th. It turned out to be a great day for both of us. We've been working real hard around the house now everyday and we decided to take the day off for our anniversary, which was very welcomed! It was a quiet day of hanging around the house and not needing to check things off the TO DO list. The funny part of not working towards a TO DO list is that you end up getting a lot of things done. We decided to go out to breakfast at one of our favorite spots in Newport, a small place called Annie's. The food is incredible and was worth the drive to Newport center. It was also nice to get out of the house so early and see what was going. Afterwards we went down to the beach and watched the water and surfers. There was a potential storm coming in and everyone was hoping for some big waves to happen including us. It was so nice to sit and relax, listen to the waves and smell the salty air.

For dinner Jamie took me to the Atlantic Beach Club restaurant, it was amazing! I had never been there and it was very impressive, it was a perfect choice! The restaurant is located right on the beach so we could see the waves coming in and the down pours that went through. The food was so delicious that I ended up eating it very slowly to enjoy every bite. I got the baked lobster topped with breadcrumbs and Jamie got the yellow fin tuna steak. Both were full of flavor and cooked to perfection. It was a perfect 1 year anniversary dinner. If you're ever down in Newport I would highly recommend a stop to the Atlantic Beach Club!

It is amazing to think that it's already been a year since we were married on top a bridge in Plymouth. I feel like I've been with Jamie for as long as I can remember but that the wedding was just recent. Kind of a contradiction but I can't remember life with out his spark in it and at the same time I still feel like a newlywed every day. When I wake up and see him I can't help but smile.

We've been able to accomplish so much in this year. Maybe when you are busy it feels like time goes by quicker on you. I'm so happy that we were able to buy a house, it was something that we both were working very hard towards for a long time and it's terrific now that it has happened and is working out great. I remember thinking that it would never happen, how does anyone ever afford it! We've done a great deal of work around the house as well, it looks terrific now and feels like home to us. There have been many other smaller things happen along the year too that we've had a great time enjoying. Another great one, we have a little bundle of joy on the way too! It's been a great year, so many of my life long dreams have come true this past year that I honestly could not be happier.

It's great looking back on this wonderful year we've had and it's exciting to look forward at all that the future holds for us.


Cinco de Mayo !!

This past Saturday, May 5 2007, Jamie and I went to Robin and Steve's wedding! It was a beautiful event and we had a great time. Robin and I worked together at ITT in Gloucester and had more fun then we should there. She was also in my wedding party so I was very excited to enjoy her big day.

The reception was at The Congregational Church of Wilmington and was a simple and elegant ceremony. I loved the church that they got married in, it was nice and bright and simply decorated with a very welcoming feeling to it.

The reception was in Boston at the Hampshire House. It has an amazing view of the Public Garden and the rooms inside have an old world Boston feel, it was just perfect for them! Jamie and I walked through the Garden on our way to the Hampshire House, the day was beautiful and there were many people out enjoying it. We sat and enjoyed it all and were able to see Robin and the whole wedding party taking pictures which was fun.

The reception was a very intimate and fun event. Her sister, his brother and her father all gave speeches. They all were terrific, filled with humor and love and got the whole crowd teary eyed. The whole evening was a great time, everyone enjoyed themselves and danced all night long.

I'm so happy for Robin & Steve, Congratulations you two! Enjoy the Honeymoon!