New Beginnings

This morning Brendan Peter Heos was born at 1:09 am. He was 7 lbs 1 oz and 20 1/2 inches long. Jamie and I are going up to see him tonight and welcome him into the world. What a cutie!

Last night was the first night that Jamie and I got to sleep in our new house! It was hard work getting everything moved in. Jamie's cousin Greg and his roommate came and helped with his truck and my brother Dax came to help with bringing things in. Many thanks to them for their hard work and time.

It's a time of new beginnings all around. Beginnings are always fun and exciting because they hold the possibilities and hopes for the future. Change is always unnerving though, you never know what to expect. Beginnings of something Special make you excited to see what's in store despite having to go through Change to get there. I'm excited to see what the future holds for the Heos family!

It's a time of new beginnings!!


Our First Weekend in our New House!!

It was a busy but great weekend! Jamie and I signed the papers at the attorney's office and got the keys!

I went back to the house and started washing down the walls with T.S.P., there was so much dirt that came up that I'm really glad that I put in the time to do it. I also found that the power got shut off! Jamie called the electric company and they said that they can't come back out till Monday to turn it back on. So we could only work during daylight this past weekend but it ended up working out fine.

My mom and Kirk came and visited us after their work on Friday. They had packed some of my stuff up from the house and brought it along with some cleaning supplies. They were both very excited to see our "New House".

My dad came out and helped on Saturday. Jamie and I were at it early in the morning, cleaning and carrying boxes in. We got a good amount done, walls cleaned and got the joint compound on and sanded. We went on the first trip to Home Depot, got new switch and outlet covers and new outlets so it will look all clean and new. I can't wait to get them installed.

So the walls were are prep-ed for painting when my mom came and visited again on Sunday. We bought the paint and started in on the master bedroom and small bedroom. Primed the walls and painted the ceiling in the small room and got to put color on the walls in the master bedroom! Whoo hooo!!

It's always exciting when all your hard work in prep-ing finally pays off. I attached a picture above of the color we went with, Gourmet Mushroom from Sherwin Williams. It came out terrific and looks great against the bright white of the trim that we painted as well.

Jamie worked hard in the kitchen all day, he got the cabinets washed and lined. It was a huge job because there are so many cabinets and they are all extra tall. They came out looking terrific as well!

Today my mom is coming out again and will be putting up the color in the small bedroom. We are doing a light sage green in there. I had gotten the ceiling and trim all painted up last night so that we were ready to go for today.

I can't wait to have everyone over to check out our new house! We'll need to get the rest of our stuff moved in and settled though but please consider yourself invited :o)


It's Only a Day Away!!!!

Tomorrow's the big day!!! I can't wait! We are closing tomorrow at 11 am, then we'll have the keys to our new home. I'm planning on going through and cleaning up as much as possible that first day and moving stuff in a few days later. Jamie and I are both too excited to wait to move in though so that might happen right away.

I can't wait to decorate our own place! You never bother when you are renting and now we have a whole house to fill. I keep finding myself day dreaming about what we would like and where to put things and the colors to use.

I'll be taking plenty of pictures and post them here when I get them developed. I hope that everyone will be able to come visit sometime.

Things have been so busy with everyone lately. Jon and Erin find out today if she'll be induced tomorrow as well!! Could be a very busy day in the Heos Family; new house for us and a new bundle of joy for them. I can't wait, I've always been bad at it but the excited waiting is half the fun.


We got Saco-ed !!

We canoed, we camped, we conquered.

Day 1 we canoed 11 miles down the Saco River out of Conway, New Hampshire to Fiddlehead Campgrounds in Fryeburg, Maine. Early Sunday morning it started to rain and continued for the rest of the day but we still made it the 6 more miles down past Walker's bridge to the take out.

The Saco Bound people pick you up and drive you and your canoe back to your car, which was nice. By the time we finished we were soaked to the bone and sore, but we both had a good time.

Traffic was tough coming home, but Jamie came through with flying colors and got us through it.



Saco it to me baby!

Friday, August 25 11 a.m. Eastern Time we are signing the papers on our house!!

Everything is all set and things are looking good. I'm planning a whole day of cleaning next Saturday. Then we'll try and move our stuff in on Sunday. I'm going to try and take lots of pictures, the dorky kind where you stand in front of the Sold sign, us with the keys, and others along the same lines. If anyone is interested in helping clean or move or just come visit you are more then welcome!

Jamie and I are going canoeing and camping on the Saco River this weekend. It should be a great time full of adventures. I'll let you know how it went when we get back on Monday.

Have a great weekend!!


Who's afraid of a Sand Castle?!

Monday night Jamie and I went for a walk on the beach after sun set. The ocean's edge always feels different when the sun has left. During the day people leave their belongings sitting out on their towel as they swim and laugh; in the evening you are cautious of people walking anywhere near you and find yourself scowling at them.

Some how the sun makes us all feel safer; at dusk the water appears black and gives the impression that it is hiding something Unknown below. As we walked on the beach last night I put my feet into the water. I went in only up to the top of my ankles, the darkness enveloped my feet. My heart raced and I tried desperately to keep my toes in view. It felt that there was something unseen that wanted to grab them lurking in the shallow water. I ended up running back to Jamie and continuing to walk on the sand instead.

It was interesting how different I felt being on the beach at night time. The ocean's waves sounded too loud, a distant sand castle looked like a crouching villain, seaweed on the sand looked like black holes, the usually warm breeze was now too cold. These things had not changed but my reaction to them was affected by my feeling of Insecurity or Not Knowing.

Honestly, who is afraid of a sand castle?!?!

It made me think that possibly this same affect happens in other aspects of our lives. When I used to work at Polaroid in Waltham I would drive to and from work in bumper to bumper 128 rush hour traffic. I really enjoyed it at the time because people weren't driving crazy and I got to watch people in their cars and wonder about them. I would actually see some of the same people in traffic day after day. I always got to work at the same time, the traffic was very predictable and I knew the in's and out's of it.

Now I don't like traffic. No, I hate traffic, I feel trapped and that I have no control. My mind races trying to think how to Get Out, when will it end, will I be stuck here for the rest of my life, what if I have to go the bathroom? That always leads me to feeling that I have to pee right then and there. It's tough and I realize that it's all in my head but that doesn't make it easier.

The only thing that has changed is my own view of traffic, how could it appear so differently? I try and keep this in mind when I find myself overwhelmed, maybe things aren't as terrible as they seem.

Maybe it's just a distant sand castle in the evening light.


Weekend Wedding

This past weekend Jamie and I went to one of his old college friend's wedding. It was at the Daniel Webster Inn on the Cape. It was beautiful, the ceremony was in a small garden off of the Inn. The garden was full of all different types of flowers and packed full of color. They said their vows under a giant tree in the early evening, when I always feel magic is possible. There was dinner in a big sun room that overlooked the garden, which was then lite up with small garden lights.

Jamie and I had a great time. We enjoyed sitting in the garden, eating terrific food, and dancing to the 80's!



Fried-day Friday

Sorry that it's been so long. It has been an incredibly busy work week, I'm drained and there has been nothing left of me. Thank goodness it's soon to be the weekend, I can't wait to get out of work!

We are going to a friend's wedding Saturday, it should be a fun time. Going to visit my parents and then go to the beach with my cousin on Sunday. Sounds like the perfect way to recharge my batteries and I'm really looking forward to it.

I try and not get caught up in the small details and remember to enjoy life but it seems that life itself sometimes gets in the way of doing just that. I find that kind of strange. "Get out of here life and your details, I'm trying to enjoy you" just sounds off doesn't it?

I haven't figured it all out yet but I have made sure to stay in bed a little longer in the morning and tell Jamie that I love him and spend time just smiling and looking into his blue eyes. These are some of the best mornings, and that's saying a lot, I hate mornings!

So nothing philosophical, comical, special or interesting here, just me being over worked me. Have a good weekend!


Home Inspection

Today was the home inspection! I went and both of my parents drove out to see as well. The inspector did a great job, we went through everything inside and out. The inspection turned out good, there wasn't any surprises or big problems that he found with the house. There was a long list of small things to do though. I'm glad that my dad was there to help me remember it all.

There is plenty of small things to do that will keep us busy and broke for many weekends to come. I can't believe that we are going to be owning a home! I can't wait to have everyone come down and visit!

Things are moving smoothly and should continue, I'll keep you posted on what happens next with the house.

Home Depot/Lowe's Gift Cards welcomed and appreciated :o)

Baking a Diaper Cake

Here is a picture of the diaper cake that I had made for Erin's baby shower. It was fun to put together once I got the hang of it! At first the diapers kept popping out everywhere and it took a few practice tries to get it right and help from Jamie. Here's how I did it:

Supplies you'll need:
50 or so disposable diapers
baby receiving blankets
baby socks
baby wash cloths
baby outfit
baby accessories

How to make pull it together:
1. Take one diaper and roll it tight length wise
2. Roll more diapers length wise around first
3. Once it has reached the diameter you like secure with an elastic
4. Continue making different size tiers until all diapers are used, securing each tier with an elastic
5. Fold a receiving blanket to the height on the bottom tier and wrap around
6. Secure by wrapping around elastic in back (baby pins could be used as well)
7. Cover all tiers with a folded receiving blanket and secure
8. Embellish with folded washcloths, baby socks, outfits, accessories & ribbon
9. The top was made by putting an elastic around 3 pairs of baby socks and having the tops all stick out
10. Secure the entire assembled cake with ribbon wrapped from the bottom to the top and cover with sock topper

You can add anything small you like to it as far as baby items go, rattles, stuffed animals, pacifiers, ect. It helps to have a second person help you out holding it as you add the diapers to the larger size tiers. Give it a try and happy 'baking'!!


Friday Joke of the Day

I took my car to my mechanic for a checkup.

He told me that my battery needs a new car. :o)

Have a great weekend!!


How Time Flys is in the Way You Measure It

In the summer time when you are young there is chance to do something everyday, it's great and amazing. You would wake up and go humm maybe I'll play on the swing set or go down and swim or possibly jump through the sprinkler in the front yard. There is an entire day that needs filling with Things To Do.

In the summer time as an adult you only have weekends to fill with Things To Do. I've noticed that no matter how you try every weekend in August is always planned out for you well in advance. These things are usually fun things like visiting friends and family or them visiting you, weddings, and weekend trips. Even though I look forward to all of them I miss waking up and deciding what will I'll Do today. My entire month of August is already planned out for me and it's only the 3rd day into it!

Adult summer times pass so much quicker then kid summer times because adults count the summer by weekends while kids count it by the day. If I have 4 weekends planned then I'm set for a month but a kid has things planned for 4 days and they still have some of that week left. The time is the same it's just how you measure it that changes.

I try and make memorable moments in an attempt to keep a small part of kid time in me. It gets tough though when you wake up and go to work, come home, clean up some dishes, cook dinner, and then get lunch ready for the next day of work right before it's time to go to sleep early for work, again. Jamie and I have been trying to do things after work but since signing up for the house it seems to be taking up most of our time, hopefully we'll get back to going to the beach after work, those are always great moments!


Game On!

Jamie and I have received the signed P&S agreement from the seller and have signed all the paperwork at the bank, it's official We're In!! It's looking like the inspector and assessor are all lined up for next week too. We don't have a locked down closing date because right now it's as soon as we can get all the bank stuff done, both us and the seller are ready to move. It's been less stressful now that everything is either done or lined up to be done. Getting things all lined up reminded me of planning for the wedding; Don't forget this and we have to do this and we need this done right now!

I'm excited and even though the wedding was stressful right before it turned out perfect and I think it's going to be the same thing with buying the house. I'm going to try and take plenty of pictures of the house and us and the SOLD sign and the real estate agent and ... well I think you get the idea!